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Macabre Muse: Debbie Deitering

If you perused our weekly eyeball fodder earlier this week, you may have caught glimpse of the image above, a mysterious photo that has haunted me for years and for which I was requesting assistance in discovering its origins. I was certain that an Haute Macabre reader had seen this over the years and knew a detail or two that could provide some clues! And sure enough, my hopes were not in vain.

Instagram user @seijikat pointed out that the model gazing into the mirror is Debbie Deitering, and it’s possible that this photo was an outtake from the below ad campaign shot by Mikael Jansson (originally posted here.)

So I’d call this mystery about 80% solved at this point! I have reached out to the model and the photographer through their agencies and representatives for further confirmation, but honestly, I don’t expect to hear anything back. This may be as good as it gets!

.As a result of this sleuthing, I have developed a bit of an obsession with dreamy 90’s fashion model Debbie Deitering. I am not sure what she’s up to these days, though I did find an interview with her and Bravo TV back from 2008, when she was apparently a “Catwalk Coach.” Until such a time as I hear something from someone (or most likely forget the whole affair while I am waiting for further word), I’ll satisfy myself by sifting through and sharing a collection of my favorite images from her earlier modeling days. Those eyebrows are killing me! This may not be a popular opinion, but I really miss 90s eyebrows. At any rate, where possible, I have noted the editorials and the magazines where these photos were published. Otherwise, I found the imagery posted on Bellazon.

Dolce & Gabbana F/W 1993/94 ad campaign: Debbie by Steven Meisel.

Via Bellazon

Via Bellazon

Vogue Italia September 1993, Fin de Siecle, Photographer: Arthur Elgort

Christian Dior Couture Spring 1998

Debbie Deitering by Mario Sorrenti – Calvin Klein Collection Fall 1993

Via Bellazon

US Vogue, March 1994: Debbie Deitering by Ellen von Unwerth. Clothes: John Galliano.

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