Of the Heavens and of the Earth, part I: Sericho Meteorite | Haute Macabre

Of the Heavens and of the Earth, part I: Sericho Meteorite

Fallen to the Earth from the actual, literal heavens, Sericho Meteorite is a gift from above. Discovered in Kenya, these are considered “Pallasite” meteorites – comprised of nickel and iron, dotted with olivine crystals.

Handling extraterrestrial beings leaves me with a sense of physical weightlessness, a trance-like state. I find myself dreamy, aware of a slight pushing sensation behind my forehead. I am guilty of using them as a portal to escapism, allowing them to blur the edges of alternative time-lines, to induce a time sickness: a travel through the void of space as the physical abyss, the celestial underworld. They alleviate my claustrophobia, breaking down the walls of my metaphorical box, reducing the omnipresent tightness in my chest. I can breath deeply in their permanence, their absolution of time.

We frequently discuss our journey, our trauma, and our healing at a metaphysical level, placing them in the shadow, the darkness, the night. We are removed from the transcendence of the spectacular void with our bodies tethered to the terrestrial plane, but can traverse even that with these offerings that have fallen from the physical eternal.

These beings are among us in this world, but are not of it, existing through all epochs, beginnings and endings.

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