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Of the Heavens and Of the Earth, part II

These days, I need a constant check in with self to come back down to the ground. A reminder to be present, be focused, to pull my head out of the clouds and feel the physical earth under my feet, to know that I am in my own body, in my own space, in my own life. Part I of this collection was my escapism: my retreat into the ether, the vastness and into the void. Part II, today’s offerings, are my return to reality, a terrestrial acknowledgement – albeit, in my own version of reality.

This collection features an array of quartz pieces working as amplifier tools, calcite for the roads to be taken and the roads that are yet to be seen, shungite to clear the electrical debris, labradorite for the magic within, and celestite to cradle the spirit. These pieces (excluding the labradorite) were charged overnight under the Dark and New Moon under Scorpio and Sagittarius on November 25-26 in the swamps surrounding New Orleans.

Of the Heavens and Of The Earth, part I (Sericho Meteorite) and part II (offerings described below) are both now available.

Each order placed shall receive Aevum, a LE vial of an exclusive scent by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, while supplies last as our gift to you.

Over two billion years old, Shungite is a solid black energy that works to detoxify your body and psyche. Comprised primarily of fullerenes carbon, it is a powerful antioxidant, and also intensely counteracts electromagnetic fields (EMF) emissions. Not only are we bombarded with these energies from modern, physical sources such as cell phones, appliances, and powering our homes and lives, EMF emissions can be magnified and created by the presence of (potentially unwelcome) spectral visitors. These energies can have physical impacts on us that manifest as nausea, a feeling of being “watched”, all of the haunted house vibes that create a sense of unease. Shungite is not a spectral repellant, but rather absorbs and deflects these electromagnetic energies, and detoxifies the physical body to rid it of these effects.

Shungite spheres and pyramids are available

Included Quartz pieces have literal inclusions: there are bits of growth of other minerals and beings within them, separate parts making up a whole. As Quartz is an amplifier, I think of these as the external parts of each of us that create the various aspects of Self, some are a bit of a storm, a veil, some are a clarity & rainbow. There is no good or bad, it is the pieces of all that create a whole, formed from great intensity from within our terrestrial home.

An assortment of included and clear quartz with rainbows are available.

Phantom Quartz are named for the ghosts they hold within: interrupted while forming, the pyramid shapes within are reminders of the traumas that we have grown from. They are ghost healers, their past lives contributing to their final forms, as each stage of being is what makes any of us into the versions that we find ourselves at present.

Stellar Beam Calcite formations are linked to extraterrestrial beings & assist in accessing the Akashic Records. I have found that my path became wide open when I began working with SBC, and the things that had been holding me back were no longer a presence in my life.

A note on the specimens with realgar growth (the red on the matrixes of pieces 3 & 4) : Realgar is also called the “powder of time”, “ruby arsenic”, or “ruby sulphur”, and contains traces of arsenic (a toxic substance). The Chinese traditionally make an intensely strong wine out of it for the Dragon Boat Festival to ward off evil.

Realgar is light sensitive and to kept out of direct & bright light, best in a shelf or in a dimmer area, and not to be handled directly { notice I avoid touching the realgar & I washed my hands thoroughly after handling the pieces }. Please handle these pieces with great care and keep away from children and pets.

Click here for video previews of the five pieces.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are said to be the gifts of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, a lost nation and race of people of pre-history. These crystals are recognizable by their horizontal striations. The land of Lemuria is hypothesized to have been a huge landmass connecting Madagascar and India, destroyed by a cataclysmic event – possibly the deluge that each ancient mythology contains tales of. There are various stories of whether or not the people of the land were of alien or ethereal origin, but all stories agree that it was a race of peoples of a higher consciousness. The high priests and priestesses had knowledge of the coming destruction, and hid these crystals for future people to discover.

Each of the horizontal striations in these crystals is a code from the Lemurian people. The code is said to contain secrets of their peaceful and attuned ways, a connection to the Universe that the people of the lost land returned to. The code works with each chakra in the human energy system, activating and opening blocked areas and creating an active connection between you and the ethos of the Lemurians. These quartz crystals are already programmed, and will be activated by you via meditation and the relationship that you form with them.

Click here for video previews of the two Lemurians.

Labradorite is considered “the Magician’s stone”, and brings one’s deep magical powers to the surface. A stone of protection, both physically and psychically. The dark sister of the moonstone, the crone face of the triple goddess, awakening mystical innate energy and powers within. The ancients believed that the labradorescence flashes were the aurora borealis entombed in the earth, creating this stone. *These labradorite slabs have not yet been lunar charged. Please feel free to leave a note at checkout or email me if you would like me to ritually charge them on the new moon on 12.25 & ship after.

Click here for video previews of Labradorite slabs 1-5.

Celestite (or celestine) are little seats for your soul, a calm sky blue balm for the weary. Celestial by nature and namesake, it lifts the spirits and soothes the nerves. I am typically not attracted to pastel tones, however I adore these pieces. I have two similarly shaped pieces of Celestite next to my bed, they carry the heavy load of my anxiety and insomnia when the burdens are too much for me to bear alone.

Click here for video previews of Celestite 1-2.

Of the Heavens and Of The Earth, Part II is now available in the Haute Macabre Shop.

Each order placed shall receive Aevum, a LE vial of an exclusive scent by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, while supplies last as our gift to you.