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Weekly Eyeball Fodder

OK. So I thought last week’s gallery was to be the last of the eyeball fodder for 2019, but then something slightly sad and somewhat unexpected happened, and I re-evaluated.

To make a long story short, 8tracks, a website I’ve been using for over a decade to create “mixtapes,” or playlists, or whatever you want to call them, is shutting down as of December 31st. This is vaguely distressing in that way you feel when something you used to love but don’t use very much anymore goes away…and so I am beset with all manner of nostalgic melancholy, but at the same time, I am not all that surprised (and had actually started importing all of my playlists to Spotify last year.) Also…I suspect I am not the only user who had been using 8tracks less and less as the years passed. Which is unfortunate, but inevitable, I suppose. And probably has a great deal to do with why they are shutting down.

So, what does that have to do with Eyeball Fodder, you ask? Or that the little voice playing you in my head is asking? Part of the process of creating a playlist for 8tracks had involved, for me at least, the act of pairing it with the perfect imagery to evoke the mood of the music you included in the mix. Over the course of the last ten years, searching out this companion art, illustrations, and photography for my playlists was an adventure that brought me a great deal of enjoyment and led me to a great many new-to-me wonderfully talented artists.

I thought it might be fitting to end the year (or the decade, I guess!) by sharing a handful of favorites in this vein, with either the specific art that I used for a playlist, or something else from that particular artist that caught my eye, and maybe I never shared at all. As a bonus, I’m linking you to the playlists that the image corresponds with, and which are now housed over at Spotify…which isn’t a perfect solution, but until I find a better alternative, that’s where they will reside.

It was a strange and wonderful bit of time travel, rediscovering this music and these artists, and I’ve found myself reliving so many vivid moments of the last decade–both the highs and the lows, which were usually memorialized by a mix and why I made them in the first place, because I was experiencing something!–and there have been sighs of both profound sadness and the deepest, wildest pleasure as I’ve organized the following gallery for your eyeballs. And I guess that’s what art is for, isn’t it?

Friends who now follow my writing at Haute Macabre because you initially found me through 8tracks–thank you so much for sticking around!

Ann George, “obedience and the gift”

Playlist: I Will Stitch Your Eyelids Shut; I Will Sew Your Shroud

Billy Kidd, Decaying Flowers series

Playlist: Nostalgia For What Never Was

Fran Liscio, Botanica Reliquaire series

Playlist: To Live In This World

Shelbie Dimond

Playlist: spun glass & straw

Michaela Knizova

Playlist: It Is Something I Have Long Known
Inspired by Robert Aickman’s strange tale, ‘Into The Wood‘.

Jason Blake

Playlist: burdock, blue aconite, and thistle and thorn

Alison Scarpulla

Playlist: The tides of all men’s souls belong to me

Kebba Sanneh, “Masque”

Playlist: …and yet – something remains…

Matthias Lueger

Playlist: Secret Spaces

Brittany Schall, “Tempural Touch”

Playlist: A Shifting Impermanence

Jaime Johnson Aelavanthara

Playlist: Spring Does Not Arrive Overnight

Anders Røkkum

Playlist: Do I Contradict Myself?

Lizz Lopez, “Widow Hands”

Playlist: curses + kisses

Katie Eleanor

Playlist: For A Thousand Years I Have Known


Playlist: You Do Not Have To Be Good

James Jean

Playlist: A moth, a swan, a cold, clear moon

Featured image: Kate Zambrano, “Alchemy”
Playlist: slivered glass and milk