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How To Wear The Starless Sea

Two weeks ago I finished The Starless Sea, Erin Morgenstern’s long-awaited second novel, and to be painfully honest with you, I still haven’t been able to properly parse my thoughts about it. I am not certain that I even want to try.

Which is not to say that I did not enjoy this heady tale, told in lyrical language and through myriad, beautiful symbols, studded betwixt stories-within-stories and interwoven with myths about Time and Fate and the menagerie of humans and creatures on one side of things or the other–and, of course, all of the magic and adventure that happens in between. I did, in fact, thoroughly enjoy these characters and their journeys and experiences… and sometimes that pure enjoyment of a story is quite enough for me.

I’m finding it impossible to write a thoughtful review, though. I feel like this is a book that eludes organized thought and the logic to structure that sort of reflective write-up. As a reader, as a lover of stories, of myths, of fables and fantasy, it made me feel all kinds of wondrous, enchanting things…but to articulate them to someone else? Ooof. I’m afraid I haven’t the words.

Instead, I’m sharing with you”How To Wear The Starless Sea”, a sartorial love letter to this mysterious and compelling book. Inspired in part by the book’s marvelously evocative cover art, as well as some of the recurring motifs and symbols that appear throughout the story–keys and bees, feathers and owls, swords and crowns–I have attempted to translate my fragmented thoughts into a (hopefully) charming display of frocks and fripperies*. And I hope you’ll indulge me in this chosen language.

Dolce and Gabbana key gown // Fleur of England Cosmic Balcony bra // Fleur of England Cosmic brief // Sofa Zakia Moon Guardian ring // Kelly Wearstler diamond keyhole ring // Pyrrha Tireless bee ring // Pamela Love Three Of Swords Sacred Heart necklace // Bloodmilk Ace of Swords tarot necklace // Bloodmilk Suite of Swords tarot necklace // Ink & Quill Liner kit from Storybook cosmetics // Bloodmilk x Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Owl Moon perfume oil // Charlotte Olympia Silvia boots // Gucci padlock bee bag // rhinestone barrettes and bobby pins

*Some of these items are out of stock, sorry! But how could I NOT include that dress?? As always, check eBay, poshmark, therealreal, etc., for secondhand items, or feel free to make your own substitutions if you wish to recreate the look!

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