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In Rooms

New Orleans photographer Brittany Markert’s portfolio book’s crowdfunding campaign ends in a few short hours via IndieGoGo.

In Rooms Portfolio Book includes 22 prints from 2014-2019 including 19 of the artist’s favorite images from Sold Out Vol. I & II, 3 unpublished prints, 6 unpublished Self Portrait Diary Prints paired with excerpts from 4 interviews & handwritten text from the artist.

In Room invokes an anachronism: an evocative merging of the imagery of Bellocq’s Storyville prostitutes and Francesca Woodman’s square formatted mental deterioration, ghostly images of unburdened sexuality and raw and haunting emotion. There is a terror hiding in each of Markert’s images, a looming and urgent sense of silent doom, the periphery evil in a dream.

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