The Magician’s Tools: Labradorite, Garnierite, Quartz, and Blue Apatite | Haute Macabre

The Magician’s Tools: Labradorite, Garnierite, Quartz, and Blue Apatite

It is winter.

Each day feels fleeting, each night almost excessively long. 

Although I live in a moderate climate, borderline tropical, I have been feeling the ache of the season. The silent stirring of buried discontent, a melancholy tug in my bones, reaching out for something just out of reach. I seek solace in my familiar places: my books, the Tarot, in magic. 

Collected here is an assortment of beings to aide in magical activities, for activation and awakening, bringing forth the magic & confidence within. I selected each of these while in a heightened psychic state, anointed with a trance inducing oil to connect more deeply with the offerings. Each individual piece spoke to me directly, and within that trance state I feel that they will speak to you in that same way. 

These pieces are now available in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop

Garnierite is considered alchemized serpentine, a sea foam green laced with grey, which some refer to as green moonstone. It promotes the empowerment of self, boosting confidence that will lead to personal breakthroughs and break down barriers. Allowing for the realization of your own potential, and in turn amplifying your growth, abundance and success. One must feel confident and empowered to set forth on these roads, whether they are magical or not. Garnierite is a manifestation tool, assisting you in bringing your dreams to reality.

The ultimate magnifier tool, quartz amplifies the energies of other crystals that you are working with, and is easily programmed with your intention. Quartz Spheres similar to these were some of the first pieces in my personal crystal collection, I would find myself in meditation while gazing into their depths. 

Blue Apatite unlocks hidden knowledge, a high vibrational stone which works for lucid dreaming and vision quest work. Activating psychic states and abilities, it is strongly linked to the third eye and also the throat chakra, enabling a clearer connection for channeling – you may see what is not seen by all, you may speak what is not heard by all. Blue Apatite also assists in releasing feelings of guilt : while writing this, I shuffled my cards to find an association, pulling the 8 Swords and the Magician. Allow Blue Apatite to unbind your hands and remove the blindfold, to let go of the grief and guilt which is holding you stagnant. 

Labradorite is considered “the Magician’s stone”, and brings one’s deep magical powers to the surface. A stone of protection, both physically and psychically. The dark sister of the moonstone, the crone face of the triple goddess, awakening mystical innate energy and powers within. The ancients believed that the labradorescence flashes were the aurora borealis entombed in the earth, creating this stone.