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Burning the Bear: Dumortierite, Mystic Merlinite, Septarian

It has been a season of self-healing: discovering and defining self worth, awakening and accepting who and what I am, where I am, and why I am. This encompasses boundaries that I had previously ignored, an inner voice I had been silencing when she wanted to speak out loud, a standing stagnation of the soul. We’ve all felt this standstill before, and the growing pains that a result when your stiffened and atrophied muscles start to move. 

My reflections as of late have been focused around contemplating why do we stay in these places? Why do we stay in the places that make us feel small, silenced, and fear crossing the threshold away from the dark? We are capable of picking up on social hints of overstayed welcomes, yet we don’t take our own. 

I once stayed in a relationship for far too many years because I was too stubborn to admit that I had made a mistake and afraid to move on. I had met him when I was very young, and had at that very young age decided that man was The One in which to devote myself, to compare all others, that person that was specifically designed for me. All bad behavior was a test of my devotion, a page in a desperate book. I told myself it was all a piece of our story, and that it was beautiful and cinematic. One morning, nearly two decades after he had come into my life, he left the house for the day, and I sat down exhausted from our usual interaction and said out loud, and alone, “I am so unhappy”. It still took me over a year to break it off from that morning and move on, even though I knew inside it had been time to leave for ages. 

That isn’t something I care to repeat. 

I present these pieces together today for this purpose: break up with the toxicity, break up with the cycles that are nothing but wheels spinning infinitely and taking you nowhere. Break up with things that are holding you down, holding you back, making you feel small. These relationships may not be with a man or a woman, they may not be a romance or a friend, but whatever or whoever it may be, they are not there for you. You are not being held.

Use these pieces to embody the Eight of Cups, allow them to be your walking stick as you walk away. 

We all felt worse for the bear than we did for the boyfriend.

Dumortierite breaks your codependent habits and relationships, highlighting toxicity within them and aids you in setting your own boundaries. The realization of unhealthy connections with other people is a powerful step in the self-healing process, and dumortierite reminds you that you cannot fix others but you can fix yourself. Work with this stone when it is time to cut the cords of a stuck and stagnant relationship, allowing it to assist you to move on and level up. 

Dumortierite is also a powerful aide in psychic development, stimulating the brain intellectually, and amplifying your ability to make intuitive leaps, specifically within divination. 

I recommend Dumortierite to tarot readers and diviners, in addition to those out there feeling stuck in their relationships and not sure where to find the exit.

Power couple: dumortierite + black kyanite.

Septarian, or “Dragon’s Stone”, assists in your ability to speak your mind. Aiding those whose voice gets caught in their throats, trapped in a tangle of thoughts and in regaining your linguistic balance. Enabling a clarity of words, especially in the areas of public speaking or while having difficult conversations, so that you may get your point across directly, and engage your listener and audience.

Septarian was formed over 50 million years ago, and activates dragon energy. It is highly protective, and enhances your privacy, keeping your name off of the lips of those that wish to speak ill of you. 

I recommend Septarian to those that have a difficult time in feeling heard or articulating their emotions.

Named with the magician Merlin in mind, Mystic Merlinite is a connection to the primordial magics: shamanistic connections with nature, with the fae, with the magic of Avalon. Aligning the light and the dark and allowing for the acceptance of the shadow, Mystic Merlinite bridges the gaps of past and present lives. In this past life recall comes past life knowledge, the ancient collective consciousness alongside the personal endeavors of the self.

Mystic Merlinite may be used in sleep / dream ritual, it is said to induce lucid dreaming and astral travel when kept nearby in slumber. 

I recommend Mystic Merlinite to those looking to find their balance of their shadow and light, and for those seek answers in their dreams.

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