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A Trip to the Star: Tourmalated Quartz Spheres, Onyx Pyramids

We are not out of the shadows. 

I say this not only as a metaphor: the nights still have a bite in the darkness, the air in my bayou has a wet coldness that sweeps around you. 

This week has been a liminal one, transitory. We experience the full moon in Virgo, an ally in clearing the cobwebs fogging our process and reinforcing our commitment to working fastidiously and productively towards our goals, however all the while we remain in the shadow of the Mercury retrograde, Virgo’s ruling planet. We work and strive, but it all still feels like spinning wheels, running in place. 

I am here in that limbo, it is a place that I have visited with frequently over my years. It is my cycle, my Persephone spring, although I am unsure if my winter is ahead or behind me. It is these moments in time one feels the most vulnerable, navigating a space whose discomfort is the only routine, a space where the void seems to be a whirlpool waiting for you to spiral into. 

Many years ago, a former lover said “Being uncomfortable means something is about to happen”, and all this time later, I finally fully appreciate that. There is fear in unfamiliar discomfort, where certainty is a phantom limb. In this space there is no sense of security, only an apprehension and a mandatory acceptance of change. Think of the Tower card, followed by the Star: there is an upheaval, a sudden and dramatic shift, and then a calm serenity of rebirth. But what of the journey of time in between those: the vulnerable and the dark places, the time spent cleaning the soot of the flames off the wall while your phoenix wings grow in? 

The Star stares into the void, gazing into the water of unknown depths. She is naked on the shore, using her vulnerability as a conduit for growth: she feeds the soil from the opaque pool, it seeps into the terrestrial solid and flows back into the source. It is here that we find our true Persephone, with one foot in each realm, allowing the movement between the worlds and the seasons to complete their cycles. It is here that we are no longer running in place, but instead are the vessels experiencing and instigating a great change.

These pieces are intended to be your guardians during these transitions, while you cross from The Tower into The Star. Charged under the Full Virgo Crow Moon in the swamp surrounding New Orleans, and consecrated by me, with the intention of protection against psychic trauma while healing your ingrained wounds. 

This collection will be available Friday, March 13 (tomorrow) at 11:11AM CST. Videos of each piece will be posted to the Haute Macabre Instagram at that time with a direct shop link to purchase.

Tourmalated Quartz Spheres

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most prominent and important metaphysical stones: it acts as a complete psychic armor and auric cleanser, deflecting and even repelling negative energy. This energetic deflection and cleanse is both internal and external, helping you to shed anxious or obsessive thoughts and behaviors, protecting you from your inner turmoil and self-inflicted negativity, which, as we all know, can be as detrimental as external influences.

Acting as a shield against the negative effects of high stressful situations and people, black tourmaline keeps your own auric and energetic field calm and regulated. It repels against psychic debris, while transmuting these harmful energies into something useful (much like my usage of Labradorite). A grounding, calming stone, Black Tourmaline is an ally and strong tool in the realm of psychic self defense.

These Quartz spheres powerfully amplify their Black Tourmaline inclusions. The protective threads of tourmaline through each receive an energetic boost from their quartz enclosures, working within the light and the shadow elements of yourself. Quartz offers purification and energetic cleansing of their environments, and combined with the tourmaline clear patterns of personal destructive behavior. 

Fourteen individual Tourmalated Quartz Spheres will be available.

Onyx Pyramids

Much like Tourmaline, Onyx is a powerful psychic shield, used efficiently to heal and transform from grief. 

In ancient times, some cultures considered it to have negative associations with the shadow, however this is indicative of the difficult, yet necessary, work to be done in order to achieve balance within the Self. When faced with your personal shadow self, it can feel as if there is a malice within, but the inner void is what we must explore for there to be any integration into wholeness. 

Grounding and rooting, Onyx may be used to reprogram the painful memories we carry into a strength, and banish grief. It will assist in regaining physical strength and stamina after suffering an emotional exhaustion. 

These particular pyramids come to a sharp point. I selected these with the intent of use to be not only to powerfully amplify their directional energies, but to literally cut through layers of psychic trauma built up in your aura or environment. 

One onyx pyramid will be energetically selected for you. Please note that each piece is unique and individual and will vary from what is pictured here.

This collection will be available Friday, March 13 (tomorrow) at 11:11AM CST. Videos of each piece will be posted to the Haute Macabre Instagram at that time with a direct shop link to purchase.