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Underworld Guides

I have found myself in constant travels to and fro the underworld this season, walking darkened paths I thought I had long left behind. Garnet protects and deflects while on these journeys, protecting you from not only your external enemies, but the enemy you can create within those dark hours.

Named after the Latin word for “pomegranate”, and linked to the Persephone myth, in which the goddess was kidnapped by Pluto and brought to the underworld to rule as his queen. Although Persephone reigns in both the underworld on the surface, she belongs in neither. Feelings of alienation, of standing as an outsider & having no place to feel secure in your own being are things that we are all sadly familiar with. Garnet lends a hand in soothing these, allowing you to feel confident in your own skin, in your own place.

Use this stone to protect and guide you to and from your trips to the underworld. A highly protective stone, it acts as a deflective armor: any harm meant onto you will bounce back onto your enemies.

These glittering blood red stones will assist in healing trauma while diving into your deepest self, helping to remove your inhibitions, and boost your confidence and self worth, similar to the carnelian.

A selection of faceted garnets, spheres, pocket pebbles and palm stones is available now in the Haute Macabre Crystal Shop.

Previews of each individual piece are now posted to the HM Instagram profile.

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  1. Gorgeous stones, but the best part about this post is the epic sigil painted on that pointy fingernail (Sam’s, right?). I absolutely LOVE that she painted a sigil on her nail, I wish I knew what it was for. Recently I’ve been cutting up old dance costumes into small squares, painting a sigil with stage makeup onto the squares and then sewing them into my favorite clothing so I can feel powerful even when I’m not on stage. Hooray for sigil magic! Blessed be, you glamorous goth goddess 🙂