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Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“We have art lest we perish from the truth,” declared German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and this is a sentiment I have long held close to my heart. Art is what buoys me, it is the life vessel that has saved me from going completely under. I can always breathe easier and hope for better things when I look at something beautiful. It keeps me safe. And sane. Or at least the illusion of these things. And I’ll take that. Sometimes it’s the best we’ve got.

This week’s eyeball fodder is dedicated to flowers and florals and all of the buds and blooms that might normally invigorate and cheer us as winter winds down and we begin to observe the wild, riotous blossoms of spring. (Though to be truthful, illustrations and paintings and photography featuring moody, broody botanicals are what keeps me going all year long!)

But I think we especially need relieving, reviving and rescuing right now.

Art and things of beauty–flowers or whatever else that might mean for you!– are some of the life-affirming goodness that keeps us afloat in trying times; those wonderful, wondrous things which help to give us a glimmer of hope and propel us forward when things are bleak. And as always, I am incredibly thankful for the marvelous humans who provide us these visual tonics, and who bring these visions to life. I am so grateful every day, but particularly in times such as these, that there are dreamers and stargazers and world-makers who create the fabulous things that make our existence just a tiny bit more bearable.

featured image: @masks_of_the_moon / Brynna Levine

“Samaritan Woman” by @lauramakabresku / Laura Makabresku

@debishapirophotography / Debi Shapiro 

@aquietstyle / Emma Harris 

@her_dark_materials / Ros

“Persephone” by @adriennestein / Adrienne Stein


@karilise / Kari-lise Alexander 

“Midnight Sakura” by @zemotion / Jingna Zhang 

Midsommar by @colorpalette.cinema

Bonus: Floral creations fashioned from unexpected elements ….!

Paper flowers by @thegreenvase / Livia Cetti

Flower cakes by @maryme_flowercake

Miniature clay flowers by @yukari_mwm / Yukari Miyazaki