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15 Minutes of ‘Fume

While our Black Phoenix family has been in quarantine, Tom and Galen (the BPAL social media dream team), have been putting together these amazing “15 Minutes of Fume” videos reviewing some of the BPAL scents. Today, they posted the newest edition, featuring a selection of the HM collection: the og Signature Scent, As Above, So Below, and the latest, Totality.

A few highlights:

HM Signature scent : “It sums up the experience of being a tormented soul in lavish attire, shut away from the rest of humankind. Or, rather, what you would hope it would smell like. “

Totality: Weirdly ancient. Almost Protean, pre-humana, a perfume from the lost world.

Also, not mad that they call the HM collection a drag family.

ICYMI, Black Phoenix is currently hosting a poetry submission contest based on the scent, concept, or essence of Totality: “The splendor and terror of Totality: an abyss of black patchouli, tabac, burgundy pitch, smoky frankincense, and black fig surrounded by a glowing nimbus of fossilized amber.” 

The contest is currently open through May 15, and you may read the full details here, and the complete HM x BPAL collection is currently available to order in the Haute Macabre Apothecary.

*please note the HM BPAL collection will ship 2-3 weeks after your order is placed.