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Virtually Tour the Weird and Wonderful

To help relieve our collective cabin fever, these fascinating places, currently closed indefinitely, have virtual tours available online.

The Winchester Mystery House

The Paris Catacombs

Faces of Frida

Inside the circle at Stonehenge

King Arthur’s Tintagel Castle

Bran Castle: Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula’s Castle, where Vlad the Impaler may have been imprisoned at one point.

Dali’s “Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s ‘Angelus'”

The Dali Museum is also offering virtual tours of the grounds and exhibits!

The Tomb of Tutankhamen this page is full of virtual tours of Ancient Egyptian sites!

The Pitt Rivers Museum

Bodleian Library (The Hogwarts’ Library!)

You can also check this article for tours of a number of beautiful libraries!