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Extra Extras: Sarah’s Perfume Collection: A YouTube Tour

No one ever accused me of being extra (ok, that’s a lie. Lots of people have.) So it occurred to me that we need a fun column to document our extra-ness, because come on, there’s not a one among the Haute Macabre writers who doesn’t have some weird, excessively over-the-top obsession or fascination or hobby or whatever that they want to ramble way too much about from time to time.   And so in this vein, today I am sharing my newest YouTube video, a tour of my …er….somewhat sizeable fragrance collection.

I started this channel way back in the beginning of 2020, which at this point was approximately two centuries ago, and I’ll admit, over the summer I got a little lazy about it. You know how it is when you’re building a habit…if you skip doing the thing once or twice, it gets harder to jump back in, so you don’t and then it becomes more and more daunting and intimidating and the dread of the thing becomes such that you can’t even think about doing it anymore. Yes. Well. There was a lot of that.

But here we are again, and I did the thing! Today over on YouTube I share a few peeks into my pretty sizable perfume collection and wax poetic about a handful of favorites. If you’re a fellow fragrance fiend, I do hope that you will stop by and have a watch, and let me know what you think!Because I am a little brain dead today –I am not saying it’s due to a wicked hangover…but I am not….not saying that, either– instead of taxing my poor head for further wording, I will end this post with several internal shots of my perfume cabinet which is definitely not overfilled and there is absolutely room for a few more bottles and how dare you suggest otherwise. How dare!