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Legends of Drag

Harry James Hanson and Devin Antheus are capturing queer icons in their ongoing photo series, Legends of Drag, accompanied by short biographies of each Queen on Harper’s Bazaar.

Lady Red Couture, Los Angeles // Gemini // co-host of Hey Queen! Passed away on July 25 of this year.

“I always tell them: Don’t live in muck and mire, because it’s unnecessary. The devil is on his job, so why shouldn’t we be?”

Darcelle XV, Portland // Scorpio // the oldest working Drag Queen in the world, aged 89, and the author of two books

“Don’t build a fence around me. I’m not one person, none of us are. We fought to do away with labels; now there is a label for everything.”

Dolly Levi, Los Angeles // Virgo

“Stop. Look. Listen. Live. Respect it. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

Donna Personna, San Francisco // Leo // 73, star of Beautiful Night, a documentary about the Hot Box Girls, elder drag queens still performing in San Francisco’s Tenderloin.

“Trans women in particular want to talk to me and tell me their story, and help them with their challenges. Sometimes it feels like a lot of responsibility. But if seeing me succeed inspires them, that’s a wonderful thing. Look, I’m in my 70s, and I’m still here. Not only am I still here, but I’m a playwright, I’m a grand marshal, I’m happy. Life is wonderful.”

Juanita More, San Francisco // Virgo

Much of her work focuses on memorializing and preserving the legacy of queer spaces in a city where they are increasingly endangered.

Love Connie, Los Angeles // Sagittarus

More than anything to come in “that whole new world thing,” she’s looking forward to the reopening of glory holes, perhaps well-stocked with hand sanitizer.

Psycadella Facade, Los Angeles // Cancer

Psycadella’s charity extends beyond her drag family, including a long-running show at AltaMed Health Services, which she cites as a highlight of her drag career.  “We had no budget, we bought our own microphone, we performed outside in the courtyard, and people could come get tested and access information about their community programs.”

The Goddess Bunny, Los Angeles // Capricorn

It’s nearly impossible to provide an account of The Goddess’s life that doesn’t sound sensationalized, because her life has been sensational in every aspect.