Swamp Witch: Ancient Kambaba Jasper | Haute Macabre

Swamp Witch: Ancient Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is an ancient relic of earth energy. Averaging three billion years old, it resonates with our core, primordial aspects, allowing us to root into our autonomic processes and deeply ground ourselves. With these actions, it allows for us to be stable and grounded during difficult times.

When I handle a piece Kambaba Jasper, I am immediately taken to my beloved swamp lands. I find such solace in the swamp, their prehistoric beauty spanning the epochs. I feel connected to the land there, a stability, and a pull deep into something ancient and powerful. It is still yet constantly moving and working, much like the way we can be holding a position and our inner workings are constantly active, invisible and buzzing within.

I use Kambaba Jasper to activate these energies, to have a tangible piece of ancient Swamp Witch power in my hand.

Kambaba Jasper is now available in the Swamp Witch Crystal Collection in the Haute Macabre Shop