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The Art Of The Occult Glimpses & Giveaway!

This week I received my author copies of The Art of the Occult, and it was such a surreal, dreamy experience that I had to make a little film of it to share!

For those who have pre-ordered their copies and are patiently awaiting the book’s arrival next month (pub. date October 13, 2020), I thought a few magical peeks inside its pages might further pique your interest and arouse your curiosity! For those who have not yet ordered your copy of The Art of the Occult, well, here’s a small glimpse at what you are missing…

The Art of the Occult features a visual feast of eclectic artwork through the ages informed and inspired by spiritual beliefs, magical techniques, mythology, and otherworldly experiences, and you can conjure a copy from major booksellers listed at the link here, or you can do a more local summoning of the book through a site like IndieBound.

…OR you could leave a comment over on YouTube and be entered to win a signed copy of The Art of the Occult! Of course, if you wanted to give a thumbs up to the video and subscribe to my channel, that would also be a nice thing to do.

We will choose a winner on Tuesday, October 13, and wow, it feels weird writing those words. Usually, ~I~ am the one writing giveaway details about someone else’s book—like “leave a comment about you know, whatever, and win a copy of so-n-so’s book!” But no! This time it’s my book you’re whatever-commenting on and maybe winning! And good luck, I say!

Please allow me to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for reading my words over the years, for connecting with me and telling your stories. For supporting my writing, no matter how weird or dark or silly it might be! And many thanks as well, to Sam and my Haute Macabre family, for encouraging my voice and indulging my ramblings and for giving my essays and articles and interviews a place that I am so proud to call home. I love you all so much!