Weekly Eyeball Fodder | Haute Macabre

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@marcomazzoniart // Marco Mazzoni

“Twilight” by @rachaelbridge // Rachael Bridge

@ellenjewett // Ellen Jewett

@margriet.smulders // Margriet Smulders

“Artery skein: my monster heart” by @aledelatorrec // Ale De la Torre

@marisguii // Mariana Sguilla

@kristinkwanart // Kristin Kwan

@melissa_kojima // Melissa Kojima

“Damp Trail” by @mister_caitlin // Cait McCormack

@moonflesh // Lyla Mori

Do you require a playlist for accompanying your perusal of lovely arts on this early autumn September afternoon? I have the very thing for you:

The Unforgetfulness of the Hollow Heart.