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At Home with the Hogan McLaughlin Spring 2021 Collection

Being a fair bit consumed of late, I’ll confess that I have been, regrettably, inattentive to all of the wonderful things that are generally of great interest to me in terms of art, fashion, etc. And this negligence is why I am just now seeing Hogan McLaughlin’s Spring 2021 collection and the marvelously innovative approach he’s taken to sharing it with us, during these strange and isolating times which are causing us all to rethink and adapt our various creative processes.

Drawing inspiration from styles of the 16th and 18th centuries, the Hogan McLaughlin SS21 collection marries a minimalist sensibility and a muted palette in its twenty-four pieces. And the models draped and displayed in these ensembles, during a season in which conventional fashion week runway events and many-peopled photoshoots are in effect, off the table? “Inspiring friends and artists of various mediums,” notes McLaughlin, who have each “interpreted a garment and injected their personality” into a unique and intimate series of portraits.

Ok. Well. This is an incredible gathering, and I am finally paying attention again! See a few of our favorites from these creative collaborations, below.

All photos via Hogan McLaughlin on instagram.

@cchelseawwolfe in the Twill Wide-Leg Jumpsuit with Sculptural Sleeves (photos by @b.c._)

@billsafi in the Wool Ottoman Overcoat

@theeblacktokyo in the double wool jacket and pleated hi-lo skirt (photos by @justin_kamstra)

@marissa_nadler in the Silk Faille Strapless Dress

@louisiannapurchase in the Cotton Double Face Half-Cape Trench (photo by @seanmpeters)

@ioannagika in the Pleated Silk High-Neck Dress

@yungkundalini of @thehoodwitch in the Wool Faille Coat Dress

@zolajesus (ft. Nadja) in the Twill Godet Dress with Open Back

@renabutler in the Silk Faille Mantua-Style Dress

@bafoiemet in the Wool Top with Balloon Sleeves, and Wool Pleated Hi-Lo Skirt

@light_witch in the Cotton Faille Slash-Side, Open-Back Dress