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Brujita Skincare

Inspired by the mercados of Mexico City, Brujita Skincare is a woman owned holistic skincare line. Leah Guerrero hand picks only sustainable, raw, and natural organic key ingredients for each product, and formulates for a range of skin concerns and treatments.

Each product is hand made in small batches, and have become cult favorites, with good reason. They smell incredible, without the chemical additive scent many skin care products can have, and leave your face feeling so lovely. Last night, I used the Cucumber Watermelon AHA mask, and my skin felt *amazing* after. Tonight, I’m going to be trying out the Purple Reina Facial Scrub to exfoliate away some of this dull quarantine skin.

Cult favorite products include the Palo Santo items: Full Body Lotion, Pa’ Todo Bien Lip Balm, and the Santa Limpia facial scrub. Brujita’s Palo Santo Oil is sustainably sourced from Ecuador and is pressed from the Palo Santo tree fruit. The bark of the tree is not harmed in any way to supply this oil. It is completely sustainable. It is illegal to cut down Palo Santo trees in Ecuador as they are on the endangered species list.

Haute Macabre is extremely excited to have the Brujita Skincare range now available in the Apothecary (and extremely excited to sample the goods).

Facial Cleansers

Sea Algae Cleanser: An aqua, extra creamy facial wash for hydrating and brightening the complexion. It deeply hydrates and has a cooling sensation for a daily skin refresher and reveals a smoother complexion. Acne/Cystic skin will notice a fast difference in healing recovery within a couple uses along with helping diminish acne scars.

Santa Limpia Facial Scrub: An extra creamy facial cleanser made with Palo Santo and Maca Root. A gentle exfoliator, perfect for acne and balancing oil production. Amazing for those with dry skin since it’s so hydrating and extremely brightening.   

Purple Reina Facial Scrub: Purple Reina is a creamy facial scrub that is gentle enough for daily use. Perfect for most skin types because it’s so potent with an insane amount antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Never stripping away the protective oil barrier, but feeding it the best superfoods and fruit oils.

Hydrosol Activated Mask Sets

White Magic Facial Mask with Rose Geranium Hydrosol: A special blend of red clay, white clay and organic honey powder. Perfect for hydrating, exfoliation, firming and brightening the surface immunity of your complexion. All skin types prosper with White Magic especially Dry/Normal Skin. 

Brujitas Herbs Facial Mask with Chamomile Hydrosol: A facial mask formulated to balance out oil production while deeply detoxing pores for a brighter complexion. Relieves redness, nurtures inflamed skin and outbreaks. Recommended for oily skin only.

Conviction Facial Mask with Peppermint Hydrosol: A potent facial mask formulated to diminish acne scars and combat inflamed outbreaks. Promotes blood circulation for faster outbreak recovery.

Lip Balms

Pa’ Todo Mal Lip Balm: Mezcal, Orange and Clove

Pa’ Todo Bien Lip Balm: Palo Santo and Lemon. 

AHA Jelly Masks

Cherry Bomb AHA Jelly Mask: A soothing jelly textured facial/neck mask packed with enzymes and AHAs that naturally exfoliate the skin. Acerola Cherry and Cherry Blossom Extract are potent sources of Vitamin C. These ingredients are known to brighten the complexion, and prevent sun damage.

Cucumber Watermelon AHA Jelly Mask: Cucumber and Watermelon Extract are potent sources in minerals, potassium and sulfur helping to soften and hydrate the skin. Sulfur is anti-bacterial and can help diminish acne. These ingredients are known to brighten the complexion, and prevent sun damage.

Moisturizers and Balms

Palo Santo & Jasmine Full Body Lotion: Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil for ultimate full body hydration

Strawberry Balm Stick: made with luscious Strawberry Oil, Cacao Seed Oil and Coffee Bean Oil. These oils are potent in antioxidants and minerals to protect the skin from chapping/drying. Made especially for babies and sensitive skin areas like their bums and heads, but also perfect for adults (and their tattoos!)

Eternal Balm: a cult favorite and must have for those of us with dry skin, especially Eczema sufferers. Avocado Oil is essential for ultimate skin hydration. This balm is made with beeswax to completely seal in moisture and rose, rosemary, patchouli essence to cast spells wherever you go. Beneficial for face, hands, feet and any other dry areas on the body. Baby safe!

Hechizo Facial Serum: Formulated for all skin types including oily to balance oil production, brewed with Superfruit oils for optimal skin health. Are you ready for that perfect glow?

Brujita Skincare is available now in the Haute Macabre Apothecary