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Creature from the Vinyl Lagoon

Drag star Sasha Velour is serving some fishy realness in her new zine, “Creature From The Vinyl Lagoon”. Telling the story of a “terrifying amphibian creature from the deep who crawls out of hiding to go on a chill and glamorous vacation with her friends”, imagining what “her ideal sexy summer would look like”.

“I dreamed of being a sickly sea monster with gnashing teeth and horrible warty hands, covered in gorgeous pearls.”

Starring Sasha Velour, Miss Malice, and K.James, the photos are a collaboration with Mettie Ostrowski and were shot on location in the Catskills. Cover illustration by Gina Piersanti.

Pre-orders are now open on Sasha Velour’s “House of Velour Shop”

Profits from the sale of this project will benefit The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project’s Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund for LGBTQIA+ Migrants.