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Intuition, Preservation, and Transformation: New Prints by Christina Mrozik

Tomorrow, October 24th at 10am PST, Christina Mrozik is releasing a beautiful selection of new prints, which will be available here for pre-order.

Everyone here at Haute Macabre gets excited when Mrozik announces new work of any kind. And, speaking for myself, I need all the transcendent, transformative beauty I can get right now. Mrozik’s work has become even more meaningful and nourishing than it already was.

The Ten Intuitions
What does the core of you speak and how often is it at odds with itself? Can you make room for this?
Each heart is a question
In need of discernment
A sense of the ways you could move
And have
The knowledge, the hope, the dangling confusion
The life blood hampered in vein
The ten intuitions :
The texture and clarity of the air in any room
Knowing when someone loves you
Knowing when someone doesn’t
The mystery held in each living thing
The mystery held in stone
How to get to point a to point b without tripping
How to let yourself fall flat on your face
How to mend a broken bone
And don’t forget resurrection.
What fragile bits do we want to protect and does protecting them form a new cage? What is our system of self preservation?
You are only as trapped as the strength of your cage
You are only as protected as the pith of your bones
You are held together by your own making
Knit from a growing history.
Wrappings of preservation
and evaporation alike.
These two “Floraflies” prints were originally created as sheets of temporary tattoos, which you can order here.

Lastly, if you aren’t already doing so, I highly recommend following Christina Mrozik on Instagram. Beauty helps.