Mlle. Ghoul Answers Your Questions | Haute Macabre

Mlle. Ghoul Answers Your Questions

Sarah Elizabeth answers your questions, and discusses such topics such as Trauma! Terror! Bad Career Advice! (And A Giveaway!)!

I recently saw a YouTube video where the creator, in effect, interviewed herself, and I loved that idea! So maybe one day I will do that, but for now, I’ve reached out to *you* all for some things you’d like to know about me. In this video, I attempt to answer all of your burning questions (and I do mean all of them…this video is over 30 minutes long!) To make for easier viewing, I have timestamped the individual topics below. Thanks for watching and be sure to leave a comment to be eligible to win a BOX OF MY OLD STUFF! WOOOOO!

1:50 Spooky beginnings aka why are you like this?

3:20 Ghost stories and weird happenings (weird audio too, sorry!)

7:05 I am job: careers and employment

10:01 What’s a NOPE for me in the media I consume?

12:00 Goth summer fashion


15:05 Plague-time talk: loneliness & frantic productivity

18:47 Family heirlooms

20:45 Favorite contemporary artists!

22:30 Perfumes & smells

25:10 Coveted holy grail item???

26:00 On magpie tendencies

28:45 SO much stuff! What to do with it?

30:36 Giveaway details–I am choosing three winners!