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Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“Softly Spoken Magic Spells” by @brandimilne // Brandi Milne

@ncwintersart // N.C. Winters

@esao // Esao Andrews


@quintanarte // Dan Quintana

“Twilight in an October Garden” by @swallowsanddamsons // Anna Potter

“Magickada” by @visualjamie // Jamie Wells

“Una bambina Lunare” by @isajuna // Isa Bancewicz

@nekotack // Miro Meguro

Maria Germanova (commissioned by me!) by @handsomedevilspuppets

A puppet-sizes version of Russian actress and theatre director Maria Germanova, dressed in her finery as The Fairy from Maurice Maeterlinck’s 1908 play The Bluebird is a dream come true for me! This photo above is from when she was still a work in progress, but good god, she was a beautiful, breathtaking vision every step of the way. Han is a genius.

P.S. if one of you tries to tell me that this is not Maria Germanova but is Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, I am going to lose my shit. Some article somewhere got it wrong once (I am not going to link to it) and no matter how many times I have emailed asking them to correct the error, they have ignored me. But come on! Use your eyeballs! They don’t even look alike!