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Mix your Sazerac and come to the conjuring: La Femme Pendu In The Legend Of The River King

Whether the prospect of a Friday the 13th leaves you white-knuckled, triskadekaphobic, clutching at your lucky talismans, or if you consider it an auspicious date brimming with sanctified energies and bakers dozens, either way, there are vibes a-plenty.

The vibe today, this Friday the 13th of November, in this strange sideways-smiling, bad-blooded hurricane of a year? I’ll set the atmosphere:

“The witch emerges from the swamp with a new spell, a memory of Southern gothic melodrama. Songs about bad weather and broken glass, with something to drink and at least a few street names to help you and your way around. Cajun witchcraft infused with world rhythms and an albino alligator. Mix your Sazerac and come to the conjuring.”

We’ve written extensively about the gloomy diableries of La Femme Pendu, –the gothic alter ego of multi-hyphenate artist Allison Scagliotti–and the crooning of her dark, unsettling secrets into your trusting ears whilst twisting your tender heart. It with great excitement then, that we share this spellbinding chanteuse’s new offering today: The Legend Of The River King, a Southern gothic blues/world music record inspired by memories of New Orleans.

Written in the hot and deathly still weirdness of quarantine and produced from a safe distance, La Femme and Grammy-nominee Dave Darling met for weekly recording sessions to build this evocative five track EP (the first of two) with guest artists supplying their tracks via home recording.

For those who had previously enjoyed the eerie French lounge horror ballads of La Femme’s first full-length record, Absolute Horror, I believe you will equally appreciate her most recent effort, a waterlogged Southern gothic folktale of bad weather and beasts, somehow both jaunty and portentous, frisky and fatal. If Absolute Horror was a corner booth at an avant-garde, infernal midnight cafe, The Legend Of The River King is a haunted pub crawl at the veil of dusk, through an old city filled with history, mystery, and a lingering spirit or two roaming the avenues alongside you.

Find La Femme Pendu: website // bandcamp // instagram

Images: Jackson Davis.