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Weekly Eyeball Fodder: The Art of the Occult Edition

“History of Magic, Part II… Initiation” by Alison Blickle

This installment of fantastical fodder for your eyeballs appears on a Monday morning, brimming with mystical, magical imagery to inspire your week. These visuals, by contemporary artists who reveal occult elements and philosophies through their creative gaze, all feature in The Art of the Occult, which was conjured forth into this world a month ago.

As an extra bit of magic, there is currently a GoodReads giveaway for three individuals to win a signed copy of the book!

“Under the rose” by Susan Jamison

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“Artemis” by Carrie Ann Baade

“Witches Sabbath” by Rik Garrett

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“Essentia Exaltata” by Madeline von Foerster

“Untitled in the Rage (Nibiru Cataclysm)” by Juliana Huxtable

“The Four Elements” by machumaYu

“Tea Leaf Reading” by Gina Litherland

“Eternal Cosmos” by Daniel Martin Diaz

“Astrology, the Myth of Creation” by Timur D’Vatz

“Abyzou” from The Demons of King Solomon by John Coulthart

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“The Alchemyst” by Sveta Dorosheva

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