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Microdosing, Microblogging

External Influences:

Needful Things:
(My current interests / obsessions)

Taking Polaroids :

I’ve always loved the organic f-ups of film. The soft focus of Polaroids gives everything that hazy memory feeling to it, something that falls in between the lines of nostalgia and decay, and even the color prints Are A Mood. 

Magazine Subscriptions :

I wholly blame the terrible algorithms of social media for pushing me back into paper magazines and direct to my inbox mailing lists. I barely see any of the feeds or profiles I follow, so I’ve renewed a lot of long-lapsed magazine subscriptions this summer (RIP to a number that I adored in the aughts: Zink, I especially am missing you). I have very leisurely plans of spending some hot summer days with copies of Bust, Vogue, V Magazine, and Interview. 

Overdrive / Libby Library Apps

One of the gross things about living in SE Louisiana is the springtime termite season, where you have to live in next to total darkness after dusk or the lights will attract swarms of flying termites. Rather than having the glow of the bedside lamp in the window (I have yet to find proper full blackout curtains), I started checking out library ebooks on my devices. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been reading a lot more because of this! 


A plant identifier app that I assumed I’d use on the nature walk I was on when I downloaded it & then would never open again that I use all the time now. You take a photo in-app & it IDs the plant, gives you some care & info notes (including toxicity info), and also has a diagnostic feature. There is a subscription fee (I think it was $30 for a year), but I use it so frequently that it’s well worth it. 

90s Club Kid Couture :

A rabbit hole of searching out photos from Rupaul’s club kid days ended in trying to find Party Monster streaming (no luck finding it on a service I subscribe to), which led me to the Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig doc (much better than the Macauley Culkin movie, skip that one & read the James St. James memoir it was based on instead). I was a teenager in Brooklyn in the 90s, and remember some of my older friends going to the Limelight every weekend. By the time I made it there, it was in its death rattles, the basement room parties I went to were … boring. I had a way better time when I moved out west at Bar Sinister, on the rare occasion I could scrape together the extra cash for gas money & the cover charge. I don’t mourn the loss of Limelight, but maybe the 18″ waist I could corset into in those days. 

Even though I grew up in NYC, I never fell in love with it, so maybe that’s why I’m so interested in the parts that I never really experienced first hand: the life inside of Hotel Chelsea, the club kids of the mid-90s, David Wojnarowicz’s Alphabet City art scene, the ballroom competitions. All of these things were happening a D train ride away, some a few years before my time, so everything seems much more romantic and exciting than it likely was, the way that things just out of reach always do.


On My Reading Stack :
POPism: The Warhol ’60s
Permanent Damage: Memoirs of an Outrageous Girl by Mercy Fortenot
Marvel Comics Journey Into Mystery 

Listening to:
LPOTL series on the Black Plague
Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack

Legendary (HBO Max) : AMAZING ballroom (Vogue) dance competition show. I’m just on season 1, I yell out loud every time there’s a synchronized death drop. 
Drag Race / Schitt’s Creek are ubiquitously on in the background 
John Wayne Gacy: The Devil in Disguise (Peacock) : not mad about all of the serial killer docs that have come out over the last year.
Every single ghost show on Discovery+. This might qualify for an entirely separate mailer.