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Portable Magic

A new selection of palm stones and pocket pebbles are now available, the perfect portable size to keep crystal friends with you when on the go. 

Included in the update are:

Moonstone Palm Stones for those going through a transitional phase.
Sodalite Palm Stones for writers to call upon the muse. 
WItches’ Cross Pocket Pebbles to connect with the fae.
Howlite Palm Stones to enhance knowledge and memory.
Green Fluorite Palm Stones for focus.
Celestite Pocket Pebbles to soothe and ease tension & insomnia.
Hypersthene (Velvet Labradorite) Worry Stones to enhance psychic vision.
Carnelian Banded Chips for courage and motivation.
Snakeskin Carnelian Hearts for passion.
Mini Faceted Garnets for protection.
Ruby Pocket Pebbles for an aphrodisiac.