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If You Can’t Love Yourself, How in the Hell You Gonna Love Somebody Else

Borrowing these words from Momma Ru, and reminding myself to actually listen to them! It’s so incredibly easy to get caught up in cycles of self-doubt, or, as she also says, your “Inner Saboteur”. I’m reminding myself to tell those voices to F off with this grouping of heart healers.

Rose Quartz (pictured above) is the Heavy Weight Title Belt Champion of Heart Healers. Rose Quartz allows us to accept love, to be loved, lowering the protective walls we have built around ourselves. It gently soothes the pain of the heart, a balm for grief and despair, a relief for trauma, and on a softer note, amplifies compassion, harmony, and soul connection.

Rhodonite amplifies forgiveness and releasing trauma, promoting unselfish love. It removes self-blame and the shame and guilt that can accompany being victimized by abuse. It silences gaslighting, especially self-gaslighting such as “I’m just being dramatic or over-sensitive”, “It’s my fault they treated me poorly”, and all of the lies we tell ourselves to excuse another’s bad behavior.

Rubellite stimulates deep love and is an emotional, physical, and metaphysical aphrodisiac. Alleviating fears of scarcity, it opens you to both perceive and receive abundance, building a safe space for you in the world. A powerful aide in sex magic (both solo or with a partner), it will balance the polarities of the god and goddess to create an energetically balanced rite. Rubellite is helpful for the exploration of sexuality and gender.