Shadow Self by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Shadow Self: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre

The new perfume blend by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre: Shadow Self Myrrh, opoponax, smoked lavender buds, Australian sandalwood, clary sage, copoiba and tolu balsams, hyssop, self-heal, and rue with a glimmer of frankincense, green tea absolute, white lotus absolute, and pink lotus petals. Please note that Shadow Self contains solid plant material and […]

Many Moons 2022 Lunar Planner Has Landed!

Modern Women is thrilled to introduce the next installment in the Many Moons series, the Lunar Planner for 2022!  This magical 7” x 9” planner follows the Gregorian 2022 calendar year, with all magic holidays, observed holidays & bank holidays for the USA (Northern Hemisphere). It also has every Moon phase and signs the Moon is […]

Goth is Dead. Long Live Goth.

Goth is Dead. Long Live Goth Remembrances of a New Grave Past in San Francisco by Clint Catalyst Folks relocate to San Francisco for lots of reasons.  There’s the stuff of tourist pamphlets: temperate weather, gorgeous views, a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of moods and sensations.  Then there’s the city’s reputation for having an innovative and […]

From the Archives: The Enfield Poltergeist

Last weekend, I wound up watching the first two Conjuring movies (I had no idea there was a third!) and fell back into the rabbit hole of the Enfield Poltergeist. From the Haute Macabre Archives, first posted in April of 2019. Perhaps due to the famed medium Lorraine Warren passing this week, I’ve been back […]

Portable Magic

A new selection of palm stones and pocket pebbles are now available, the perfect portable size to keep crystal friends with you when on the go.  Included in the update are: Moonstone Palm Stones for those going through a transitional phase.Sodalite Palm Stones for writers to call upon the muse. WItches’ Cross Pocket Pebbles to connect with the fae.Howlite Palm Stones to […]


October’s Dark Moon fragrance: PHANTASMAGORIA Sweet indigo labdanum, mugwort herb and oil, black rose petals, bitter clove, lavender buds, aged red patchouli, ink-black vegetal musk, myrrh, and dark, velvet-smooth spices. Phantasmagoria, blended exclusively for the Haute Macabre Apothecary by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Please note: this oil contains solid plant materia. 

Saint: A Veneration. Clint Catalyst talks with Dragula’s Saint

SAINT: A Veneration From the second competitor exterminated in season 3 of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula to the winner of Dragula: Resurrection, the almighty Saint is now going on to compete for a chance at $100,000 on season 4 of Dragula, which premieres October 19, 2021, on AMC+’s Shudder Interview by Clint Catalyst  Clint: Saint!  […]

All Crystals 20% Off!

All Crystals are now 20% off at checkout with code “Virgo” The entire Crystal Collection is 20% off right now in the Haute Macabre Shop! Please note, shipping is currently paused until I am able to return to the studio after evacuating due to Hurricane Ida. My estimate is fulfillment will resume in approximately 2 weeks. […]

Microdosing, Microblogging

External Influences: Violet Chachki’s Best Fashion Moments are a Masterclass in Modern Pin-Up Style Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art Alexander McQueen: Anemones Project X Magazine Archive Paris is Still Burning in These Photos These Polariods of Chris Meloni gave me life. Needful Things:(My current interests / obsessions)  […]

February 2021 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

In the second month of this year, the themes of the Hierophant, its teacher card Temperance, and/or your Tarot Card of the Year could begin to be more apparent in your personal life. The Hierophant asks us to focus on the work of our life, our own spiritual practice, and our direct relationship with divinity […]

15 Minutes of ‘Fume: In the Shadow Room

Tom and Galen of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab review our latest collaborative scent, In the Shadow Room, in their “15 Minutes of ‘Fume” series on YouTube! The complete HM x BPAL collection is now available in the Haute Macabre Apothecary, and all orders over $35 will receive a free imp sized “Aevum”, our limited edition […]

January 2021 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

January 2021 Tarotscopes  Witches and quantum physicists know that time is not linear. Our relationship with time is a complex one. We are both confined by and transcend time. All artists and magicians know that creativity allows us to collaborate with time, not lament it. What rituals, creative projects, and new years do is mark […]

December Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

The truth is not finite. Once we come across one, we aren’t saved, we don’t stop questioning.   The truth is mutable; Much of this month will be spent examining the function of the truth in your life. Does the truth limit, expand, or enhance your perspective?  This month, the question isn’t what is the […]

Many Moons 2021 Lunar Planner

The 2021 Many Moons Lunar Planner by Modern Woman is now in stock in the Haute Macabre Shop! This magical planner follows the Gregorian 2021 calendar year, with all magic holidays, observed holidays & bank holidays for the USA (Northern Hemisphere). It also has every Moon phase and signs the Moon is in for 2021, […]

External Influences

Frida Kahlo’s Garden Is Still Thriving—Six Decades after Her Death Aleister Crowley’s former home “The Boleskin House” is being restored, after going up for sale and then charred bits from the ruins wound up on eBay last year How to Visit the Graves of 75 Famous Writers Bees Survive Notre Dame Fire Ancient Rock Art […]

Post Mortem: October 2020

Reliving My Youth: The Craft & The Witches 2020 The Vampire’s Wife x H&M At Home with the Hogan McLaughlin Spring 2021 Collection What Does Outer Space Smell Like? New Sponsor: Frost Moth Apothecary Creature from the Vinyl Lagoon 31 Days Of Horror: Week One ARS INSPIRATIO: Perfumes inspired by S. Elizabeth’s new book, The […]

Treasure Keepers: New in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small shop update, including household items and new book titles. It is an absolute honor to have signed copies of our own S. Elizabeth’s book “The Art of the Occult” available now. Beautiful resin celestial palm stands. Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine, & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft Witches’ Cauldron Salt & Pepper […]

Solstice Scents Fall 2020

The beautiful fall collection from Solstice Scents was released last month, with the inclusion of classic favorites and new additions. Below you will find some favorite selections, with notes embodying the essence of the autumnal season. The Solstice Scents fall collection is available now at Find Solstice Scents on Instagram // Facebook // Forum […]

November Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

We already know that November is going to be an intense month for us in the United States. There is the election. There is an increase in illness, death, poverty, and violence due to the pandemic and the government. There are the cold, darkening days. And, we will experience a Lunar Eclipse at the end […]

Samhain Weekend Crystal Sale + BPAL Orders Closing

This weekend in the Haute Macabre Shop: The Haute Macabre Apothecary is accepting pre-orders for our exclusive collection of fragrances and hair glosses by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, with the addition of a brand new set: In the Shadow Room. The complete Crystal Collection is currently on sale through midnight tonight with code “Samhain” for […]

Mlle. Ghoul Answers Your Questions

Sarah Elizabeth answers your questions, and discusses such topics such as Trauma! Terror! Bad Career Advice! (And A Giveaway!)! I recently saw a YouTube video where the creator, in effect, interviewed herself, and I loved that idea! So maybe one day I will do that, but for now, I’ve reached out to *you* all for […]

In the Shadow Room

I spent a season in a red room, a rich, deep, glowing red, where the shadows glistened as if they were soaked with wine. From this, the latest addition to the Haute Macabre collection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was born. Inky black pomegranate, blackcurrant, cassis, red sandalwood, ambrette seed and fossilized amber, pink peppercorn, and guiaicwood. […]

ARS INSPIRATIO: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

To commemorate the release of Sarah Elizabeth’s new book, The Art of the Occult, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has “invited her to collaborate on a collection of art/scent pairings intended to serve as access points to occult inspiration, accompanied by short notes from S. Elizabeth explaining why she returns to gaze at these works again […]

Creature from the Vinyl Lagoon

Drag star Sasha Velour is serving some fishy realness in her new zine, “Creature From The Vinyl Lagoon”. Telling the story of a “terrifying amphibian creature from the deep who crawls out of hiding to go on a chill and glamorous vacation with her friends”, imagining what “her ideal sexy summer would look like”. “I […]

New Sponsor: Frost Moth Apothecary

Please welcome our latest sponsor, Frost Moth Apothecary Frost Moth Apothecary is an one women shop based out of the verdant mountains of Vermont. Norea, witch and proprietor, ritually crafts fragrant potions, incense and candles designed to evoke archetypes and themes from history, mythology, and religion. She seeks to bring themes of the metaphysical to […]