31 Days Of Halloween: Week Two

Day Eight: Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl. Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl is restrained, melancholy, and softly ominous drama, a sort of off-kilter romance with a gloomy, gothic 70s haunted house vibe plus a placid pace to test your patience. Adele is a quiet young woman who has the opportunity to escape her miserable home life for […]

31 Days Of Horror: Week One

It’s that time again! Time for me to decide that I am committing to watching a horror movie every day for the month of October! Time for me to rationalize that one episode of a television series counts as a movie, that a music video counts as a movie, that a one minute and thirty-second […]

What Does Outer Space Smell Like?

We’ve all gazed up at the night sky, observing the movement of the constellations and wishing on fleeting glimpses of falling stars, while simultaneously feeling both small and humbled by the vastness of space and grateful for our mere existence in the universe, to experience such things at all. But…have you ever contemplated how it […]

At Home with the Hogan McLaughlin Spring 2021 Collection

Being a fair bit consumed of late, I’ll confess that I have been, regrettably, inattentive to all of the wonderful things that are generally of great interest to me in terms of art, fashion, etc. And this negligence is why I am just now seeing Hogan McLaughlin’s Spring 2021 collection and the marvelously innovative approach […]

The Art Of The Occult Glimpses & Giveaway!

This week I received my author copies of The Art of the Occult, and it was such a surreal, dreamy experience that I had to make a little film of it to share! For those who have pre-ordered their copies and are patiently awaiting the book’s arrival next month (pub. date October 13, 2020), I […]

Stacked: Summer Reading

Sarah May Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea by Sarah Pinsker A few friends read this before I got around to it, and at the time I felt so left out of their awestruck conversations revolving around these innovative, imaginative stories, it was starting to rub me a little raw. I wanted in […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@marcomazzoniart // Marco Mazzoni “Twilight” by @rachaelbridge // Rachael Bridge @ellenjewett // Ellen Jewett @margriet.smulders // Margriet Smulders “Artery skein: my monster heart” by @aledelatorrec // Ale De la Torre @marisguii // Mariana Sguilla @kristinkwanart // Kristin Kwan @melissa_kojima // Melissa Kojima “Damp Trail” by @mister_caitlin // Cait McCormack @moonflesh // Lyla Mori Do you […]

Extra Extras: Sarah’s Perfume Collection: A YouTube Tour

No one ever accused me of being extra (ok, that’s a lie. Lots of people have.) So it occurred to me that we need a fun column to document our extra-ness, because come on, there’s not a one among the Haute Macabre writers who doesn’t have some weird, excessively over-the-top obsession or fascination or hobby […]

From the Archives: An Obscurum Of Secrets: The Lost Art Of Robin Isely

I had, for a time, sadly shelved the idea of a feature on digital collage artist Robin Isely, aka sliplead. I first mentioned this artist in my 2017 Needful Things roundup and I was immensely thrilled at the opportunity to connect with them for an interview, but unfortunately, their gorgeous Tumblr-hosted gallery–an obscurum of secrets, elusive […]

Word Witchery: Lisa Marie Basile’s Magical Writing Grimoire

Earlier this year I read and was thoroughly charmed by Lisa Marie Basile‘s dreamily empowering Light Magic for Dark Times: More than 100 Spells, Rituals, and Practices for Coping in a Crisis –which Bust Magazine refers to as “The Artist’s Way for witches” (and wow, do I love that.) But in the past year or […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@azumamakoto // Azuma Makoto “Oluwakemi 1863” by @bbychakra92 @rebeccachaperon // Rebecca Chaperon “Blue Resplendence” by @carolinejamhour // Caroline Jamhour “Mujer acostada” by @poni // Hilda Palafox @jhenry.work // J. Henry @dcpender // Dani Pendergast “The Night Watchman” by @sonyapalencia // Sonya Palencia “Cruox” by @studio.sheridansart // Laura Sheridan “The Flowers Of Evil” by @yoann.lossel // […]

Surrealist Décor And Tiny Secret Drawers: Dali Burning Giraffe Woman Sculpture

“Man is full of secret drawers, only to be opened by psychoanalysis.” I’m rather tongue-tied and overcome in gazing the delicate marvel of this small but wonderfully expressive statue from the Parastone Museum 3D Collection, inspired by Salvadore Dali’s 1937 painting, The Burning Giraffe. The sculpture’s tiny drawers aren’t functional of, course, but I’m envisioning […]

We Are The (Funko POP!) Weirdos, Mister

Times are weird, man. To be frank, they’re pretty lousy. And though natural witch Sarah Bailey, troubled, warns crazed coven leader Nancy Downs in our beloved, witchy cinematic 90s nostalgia-fest The Craft, “nothing makes everything all better again”…wouldn’t you agree that an uncanny quartet of empowered teen witches for your collectibles shelf might make everything…just […]

Stacked April 2020

Sarah Last month I mentioned the trials and troubles that I was experiencing while trying to read; lack of focus, constant distraction, and maybe even (and I hate to admit this) complete and total absence of interest. I wish I could say differently, but not much has changed over the past thirty(ish) days and I […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“Le Comte” by @allisonsommers // Allison Sommers “Exhale” by @bitikart // Rim Bitik “Disconnect” by @visualjamie // Jamie Wells “The star” by @casimir0304 // Casimir Lee @yoheyhorishita // Yohey Horishita “Weep now or nevermore” by @brandimilne // Brandi Milne A motley crew of little mothlings by @handsomedevilspuppets “Like a ghost” by @ryanmrray // Ryan Murray @christophermichaelhefner // Christopher Michael Hefner “May Queen” by @memorialstitches […]

Sarah’s Needful Things: Quarantine Edition

In spending so much time at home–and I already spent 90% of my time at home!–I’m really learning to appreciate the mundane, boring stuff that has been contributing to making my days feel “normal;” those ubiquitous, maybe invisible items that you don’t give a second thought to because they are so ingrained in your daily […]

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab 2020 Lupercalia Reviews, Part Two

Time remains profoundly out of joint for all of us right now, but the fact that you can find the Lupercalia scents still available for purchase at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is no wibbly-wobbly, time-wimey temporal tricksyness! Your eyes do not deceive you and as of this writing, I believe that these scents will indeed […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

#olla art by @katezambrano // Kate Zambrano “Reticulum” by @_grave_witness_ // Stuart Holland Harpy by @harrietleemerrion // Harriet Lee Merion “Harmony” by @catrin_welzstein // Catrin Welz-Stein “Fasnacht” by @alice.wellinger // Alice Wellinger “Athena” by @jamesjeanart // James Jean @her_dark_materials // Ros Atkinson “The Sixth Trial” by @jmascarenhas // Jorge Mascarenhas “Consolation” by @lauramakabresku // Laura Makabresku Pagan Altar album art (detail) by @nightjarillustration // Adam Burke

Stacked March 2020

Sarah I don’t know about you all but I am having the worst time concentrating on my reading right now. I pick up a book, read the same sentence twenty times, scroll through my phone, sigh moodily, stare out the window. Lose my place, forget what I’ve read. Repeat. I have managed to finish a […]

Haute Haunts: Cassadaga, Florida

Remember “going places”? Ah, those were the days, weren’t they? In the spirit of once again leaving the neighborhood and going on adventures and explorations when the world is once more safe and healthy (or as safe and healthy as it can get, I guess), and also in the spirit, of well…spirits…I thought I might […]

Immersed In Fantastical Creations: An Interview With Our Widow

Not to sound tone-deaf–I realize we are all experiencing these strange times quite differently, and we are coping with them in our own ways–but for me, at least, I am finding that diving headfirst into my obsessions is alleviating at least some of my anxiety, as well as that vexing tendency toward distraction, and lack […]

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab 2020 Lupercalia Reviews, Part One

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab released their annual smutty smorgasbord of Lupercalia and Shunga scents back in February, but no worries if you haven’t yet greedily grabbed a handful of this year’s shamelessly salacious scents! According to the folks at BPAL, “due to the current rippling of global infrastructure,” these prurient perfume oils, hedonistic hair glosses, […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@despainart // Brian Despain @artofyayu // Yayu @stanleyunlimited // Stanley Gonczanski @ debishapirophotography // Debi Shapiro @zeinz_ // zein @esao // Esao Andrews @zakuroaoyama // Zakuro Aoyama @hiddenvelvet // Hidden Velvet “Psychopomp IV” by @rivuletpaper // Lily Seika Jones “Time Regained: Hand with Proust and Forget Me Nots” by @fatimaronquillostudio // Fatima Ronquillo

La Femme Pendu Presents Absolute Horror

In the fall of 2019 we had the unholy pleasure of having interviewed the enigmatic La Femme Pendu to learn more of the mysterious inspirations she sang of her in her four-song demo album, All Of Them Witches. This spring equinox we are thrilled to share that her full-length album, Absolute Horror (completed on a […]

The Art Of The Occult

Sarah here! Is this a good time to make an official book announcement for The Art Of The Occult (Quarto/White Lion Publishing, September 2020) complete with a cover reveal and pre-order links? Times are weird and dark and scary right now. Sharing and celebrating this accomplishment with you all feels like a tiny ray of light. See […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“We have art lest we perish from the truth,” declared German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and this is a sentiment I have long held close to my heart. Art is what buoys me, it is the life vessel that has saved me from going completely under. I can always breathe easier and hope for better things […]

Stacked: February 2020

Sarah Ration by Cody T Luff Full disclosure: Ration was sent to me as a review copy. I don’t regularly receive review copies of things, but I love that someone came across a story or an author that I might be into and was keen to send it my way. That level of thoughtfulness in […]

How To Wear A Chanel Scarf

The full title of this post is actually How To Wear A Beautiful But Virtually Unobtainable Chanel Vanitas Scarf That I Stumbled Upon While I Was Noodling Around Online In A Brain-Fog On A Sunday Afternoon When I Had A Really Dreadful Cold, but I guess you can see why a title so onerous and pitiful […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@how_many_ghosts // Maika “When Night Comes” by @nonalimmen // Nona Limmen  @samyongart // Sam Yong  “Healing Flower” by @kathleenlolley // Kathleen Lolley  “Midnight Confidante” by @babswebb // Babs Webb  “Soul” by @lauramakabresku //  Laura Makabresku  “Scarlet Ibis and Poppies” by @jeszika_levye // Jeszika Le Vye  “The High Priestess” by @sevenspikestudio // Carla Cury @jmalkova // Julia Malkova “The Apothecary” by […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@your_____horror // Nina Ippolitova @andimacka // Andi Soto “Corvus Corax” by @hookieduke // Erica Williams @makura03ma Collaboration between @alexeckmanlawn and @thatchinesekid @qta3 // Q-TA @eugenia_shchukina // Eugenia Shchukina @dongjianhua_art // Dong Jianhua @mheldillustration // Maryann Held “Never Die” by @bradwoodfin // Brad Woodfin