Edgar Allan Poe Read by Vincent Price

Settle in for the soothing tones of Basil Rathborne and Vincent Price reading Edgar Allan Poe’s greatest hits. Stream the five disk set (I assume most of our readers remember disks? Even unironic cassettes?) via Spotify. For more fun with Vincent Price, check out Adventures in Demonology in the Haute Macabre archives.

Relentless Doppelganger: AI Death Metal

  A nonstop stream of AI generated death metal, this live stream on YouTube has been broadcasting since March 24. I’ve tuned in a few times and it’s been consistently on point with the genre’s distinct sounds: once or twice it leaned towards epic instrumental vibes, today was a heavy vocal sound. This early example […]

Play This At My Funeral: Interview With Jezebel Jones Of Bye Bye Banshee (Exclusive Album Download)

In our autumn 2018 installment of Aural Fixation, I briefly mentioned that Bye Bye Banshee’s Deathfolk Magic was in constant rotation in my home, and described its sound thusly: “…is the ghostly melody, hushed and humming softly, ominously, as your rocker creaks a rickety midnight lullaby on the rotted wooden floorboards of a ramshackle cabin. Sleepless at […]

Aural Fixation: Autumn 2018

Sarah Since early October I have been listening to Deathfolk Magic by Bye Bye Banshee, a musical exploration of death and grief crafted with magic, myth and folklore, by songwriter Jezebel Jones. Deathfolk Magic is the ghostly melody, hushed and humming softly, ominously, as your rocker creaks a rickety midnight lullaby on the rotted wooden […]

Aural Fixation: The Podcast Edition

Sarah I’m going to mention two podcasts I have previously written about, because quite frankly, they are the only two I listen to. I have a hard time with podcasts, especially when they are run by more than one person, and especially if those few people are friends. The recording generally devolves into in-jokes and […]

Aural Fixation April 2018

Sarah This has been a crazy month and so I haven’t really had available the time I normally spend with obsessing over new music, however, there are a handful of singles from some beloved artists that have dropped, and which I am super excited about! Mazzy Star for sleepy goth nap times, Florence and the […]

Aural Fixation: March 2018

S. Elizabeth Dead Magic by Anna Von Hausswolff  Anna Von Hausswolff’s music, has, to me at least, always sounded like the decadent pipe organs from Catholic mass that have somehow gone a bit weird and spacey and menacing. There’s more of of that sort of thing on Dead Magic, along with gloomy incantations, raw, rapturous […]

Aural Fixation: September 2017

Here’s what Haute Macabre writers have been listening to recently! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9cNZQIzShc Sarah: Myrkur, Mareridt. I’m fairly certain Amalie Bruun, performing as Myrkur, is supposed to fall under the black metal umbrella (despite how much the angry bro metal guys might whine about this classification, and apparently they do a lot )…and while I like the […]

Aural Fixation: July 2017

Sarah Lust For Life, Lana Del Rey I am an unapologetic Lana Del Rey fan, and I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, so I’m not even going to go there. (“Fuck guilt,” someone famous once said. I think it was Queen Elizabeth.) I’ve loved Lana from the very moment that someone told me I was […]

Aural Fixation: June 2017

image via Chelsea Wolfe’s Instgram Chelsea Wolfe’s new single, 16 Psyche, is available for your pleasure here. Sarah Chasing an Illusion by Larkin Grimm “Through this music I strive to be free,” Larkin said in a statement about the album. “Free from suffering, free from shame, free from inhibitions, free from language, free from hatred, […]


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCZV3I_CvGM&feature=youtu.be Despite my usual aversion to all pop music, Sarah Elizabeth passed a link to Kim Boekbinder’s new music video to me this morning, Head Bitch In Charge, and I was totally mesmerized. Synchronicity reared its head with a reminder of an image of Clayton Cubitt’s I had saved yesterday on Instagram popping up in […]

Aural Fixation: May 2017

Sam: Unexplained Podcast I’ve been on a podcast binge this month, and my favorite thus far has been Unexplained. It’s filling all of the empty needs that Lore leaves (I listen to Lore, but I can’t get past the mental image I’ve constructed of the narrator wearing khakis at all times. I don’t know why […]

Aural Fixation: April 2017

photo via Samantha’s Instagram: @samanthamacabre Here’s what Haute Macabre has been listening to lately Sarah: Royal Thunder Wick While I thought I was predisposed to love anything that these purveyors of bluesy, southern sludge and darkness throw at me, I’m still not 100% sold on 2017’s Wick yet. Mlny Parsonz’ impassioned voice still howls with […]

Aural Fixation: March 2017

image by Becky Munich Here’s what Haute Macabre writers have had on heavy rotation recently Sonya TANIS  I have spent more time obsessively streaming TANIS than listening to music this month, so I can’t not include it. Made by the same people who do The Black Tapes and the just-launched Rabbits, TANIS is the podcast […]

Aural Fixation: February 2017

image by Becky Munich Here’s what Haute Macabre writers have had on heavy rotation S. Elizabeth is currently swooning over… Citizens of Glass: Agnes Obel All of Agnes Obel’s efforts are stark, fragile, breathtaking affairs and her latest album, Citizen of Glass, is no different in that respect. Exploring the German concept of gläserner bürger […]

Twin Peaks Original Score Vinyl Re-issue

With lush cinematography, bizarre characters, surreal dialogue and dense, murky mythology–David Lynch scratched several of our dark and strange thematic itches with his marvelously bold and enigmatic show, Twin Peaks, in the early 1990s.  And even if, like me, you did not watch Twin Peaks when it first aired (but instead saw it 18 years later, […]