Rate My Corpse Paint

I just spent the better part of an hour hitting refresh on Rate My Corpse Paint. It’s the angry, magical unicorn version of Hot or Not. I was going to make a collage of some of my favorite, top rated Corpse Painters, but then thought that might bias any of your ratings.  

Cheap Drugstore Nail Polish I Love

Set The Mood, Man Hunt, Blue Suede Shoes I so rarely find an inexpensive beauty product I can rave about, but the Sinful Shine line (from Sinful Colors) has come out with some colors so perfect I can’t quit staring at my nails- soft, grayish blues and greens that go well with everything. Plus, they […]

X-Ray Nails

via Nailgasm. I have no idea how she did this, other than that it involved “tattoo paper”. I don’t even know what that means. I just know that I am jealous and I need these. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Black on Black

A little Saturday-morning manicure inspiration. *Edited to add a link to the tutorial we posted last year! [ad name=”post ad image”]

New Advertiser :: Manic Panic

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Manic Panic! I have a feeling everyone here has dyed their hair with Manic Panic at least once in their lives (I left an old apartment with a permanently stained Vampire Red bathtub), so we are very excited to welcome Manic Panic to Haute Macabre! Founded on 7.7.77 by sisters Tish […]

Lick Your Lips

The Gothest thing going this holiday season: Tokyo Milk’s Clove Cigarette Lip Elixir ($7.00). Proper clove cigarettes might be outlawed here in the US, and most of us have given up smoking anyhow, but there is something nostalgic and downright sexy about that tingly clove feeling on your lips. Besides, who doesn’t have fond memories of […]


I have to say, I’ve never been really big on Dermablend as a tattoo cover. In my experience, it cracks and, worse, it darkens over the course of several hours, leaving whatever tattoo you covered looking like a big bruise just starting to form and leading total strangers to ask me if my boyfriend hits […]

Black on Black

Every time I open up my Tumblr or check my Instagram, I get flooded with pics of whacky and whimsical manicures.  Cute, yes.  For me?  No.  This subtle black on black French manicure is making me want to brave the rains and go check to see if the salon on 43rd Street is open during […]

News Nails

I just came across this on Tumblr and thought it was great.  It’s racked up about 58,000 notes so I bet lots of you guys have seen it already, but for those that have not : Have rubbing alcohol and newspaper ready. Paint your nails any color and let them dry completely. Cut out a […]

Black Out

A little holiday makeup inspiration from the folks at Glow. Photography by Ishi. [ad# post ad image]

Sam’s Top 5 Makeup Necessities

Despite my compulsion to purchase makeup by the truckload, and thus resulting in train cases filled to the brim, these are the Cannot Live Without Wear Every Single Day & Look Frightening Without items within my arsenal. But of course that was before I learn more about the solution to removing acne around my face. […]


(via NotCot) Intricate cut paper eyelashes from designer Tin Yu Wang, available at Paperself.

Blush Response: Über, In the Key of Yellow

The rest of these photos by Lou O’Bedlam and an outfit breakdown can be found on Biorequiem, in the latest installment of Style Dispatch. Gather ’round my spooklings, and I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of cosmetic miracles! As we’ve all noticed, black lipstick, the cornerstone of all things darque and goffic, has been […]

New Advertiser : Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is, in short, not your ordinary perfume house.  With lines that have titles such as Carnaval Diabolique, Ars Moriendi, Rappacini’s Garden, and tribute lines to Neil Gaiman and Hellboy, it definitely isn’t the department store pink bottle spray we’re usually stuck with. […]

Ricci Ricci

It’s all about the floaty skirt… Knock it off: clip in kitty ears are usually about $5 on Etsy.

Blush Response: Eyebrows

After an extended hiatus brought on by Coilhouse production, making art, and personal reasons I can’t mention on public TV I am returned with sweets and flowers. What’s a few months among friends, right? Right? Have some candy and simmer down, toots. One of my ventures has been the re-launch of my own website, Biorequiem.com. […]

Snow Queen

Snow Queen for Vogue China’s Beauty Supplement, December 2009.

MAC Monsters

MAC released its Halloween looks, along with step-by-step instructions on how to apply the makeup on their Facebook Fan Page.  Featured above is the Meisterfreeze, which I think I’ll be trying out on my roommate tomorrow morning.  If it comes out decently enough, I’ll post pictures! Deadly Dame &dagger  Gator Madame Mask &dagger  All Souls

Cover Up Critique

I just heard about Kat Von D adding a tattoo concealer to her Sephora cosmetic line. “Weddings.  Job interviews.  Lazer treatment-phobia.  Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.  These are all good reasons why you might wanna cover up your tattoo.  Just like with the rest of your makeup, you have the choice of […]

OPI: Matte Polish for All

Since we covered Man Glaze way back in January, the trend in matte nail polish has trickled down to standard polish makers. Nail salon staple OPI has just released a line of matte polishes (in stores now).OPI Matte Nail Lacquers come in six shades, my favorites of which are “Lincoln Park after Dark”, “You Don’t […]

Product Review: Miss X Cosmetics

One of the best things about writing for a fashion blog is that at a certain point, people send you samples to review. Now, a lot of times around HM this involves Samantha and I staring blankly into a box of hot pink donkey-print dresses (no, I didn’t make that up) and wondering if there […]

Black is the New Black

This fall, everyone’s favorite makeup has found a way to say “I love you, too.” MAC presents: Style Black. Eighteen new colors in your favorite color, including a true black cream lipstick (Black Knight), two sheer black glosses, four new shadows, three new nail lacquers and a host of other products with names like Baby […]

Pretty in Pink Packaging

Before I write the rest of this article, I’d like to make a few disclaimers : 1.  I detest pink.  The only place it is welcome or appropriate in my life is on top of Gala Darling’s head. 2.  None of the products about to be mentioned can be described as “haute”, “macabre”, or even […]


“they also talk about the desire of finery, carapace, protection, reinterpreted in a playful way…” Parisian designers Heal Fashionlab, via VividFluxury. “Always with this contrast of feelings between the structured side of the print and the arachnidan softness of the fabrics” More photos after the jump!

Here, Kitty, Kitty

I know it’s Etsy week, and we already mentioned this once, but I really HAD to post this. I’m a little worried about the giant pile of asbestos in the beginning, but it’s really worth waiting till the end, when the latex bondage cats happen.

$175 Million in Free Makeup

On a first come, first serve basis, major cosmetics companies are giving away $175 million worth of free products, beginning January 20.  It has something to do with a major lawsuit, but I was a bit too excited to read the full article and all its details.  Here are the full details, along with product […]

New Mac Collections

I know I’m a little behind with these, since most of these came out late December or earlier this month, but well… it’s MAC.  It doesn’t matter when we see it, we always love it.  I have to actively avoid walking past their counter at Macy’s or their shops, because no matter what I tell […]

Daily Ablutions

Reader  Jami Lee Rosa turned us on to these great bath products from Villainess. Their  soaps, skin care products, and oils are formulated with raw and unrefined ingredients, brilliantly concocted and  named, and packaged in fine pirate style. The truth is, I’m a sucker for great marketing. Just reading their scent descriptions was enough to […]