Luminous Linens To Get You Through the Winter

The world is ending, the sky is dark, and as we pace between our too-few rooms from sunrise to sunset, the bedroom continually calls out in whispers. Respite, it promises. A new day. Or perhaps just a chance at temporary obliteration. Bedrooms are sacred, liminal spaces. They shock in the morning, alarms going off and […]

December Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

The truth is not finite. Once we come across one, we aren’t saved, we don’t stop questioning.   The truth is mutable; Much of this month will be spent examining the function of the truth in your life. Does the truth limit, expand, or enhance your perspective?  This month, the question isn’t what is the […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder: The Art of the Occult Edition

“History of Magic, Part II… Initiation” by Alison Blickle This installment of fantastical fodder for your eyeballs appears on a Monday morning, brimming with mystical, magical imagery to inspire your week. These visuals, by contemporary artists who reveal occult elements and philosophies through their creative gaze, all feature in The Art of the Occult, which […]

Treasure Keepers: New in the Haute Macabre Shop

A small shop update, including household items and new book titles. It is an absolute honor to have signed copies of our own S. Elizabeth’s book “The Art of the Occult” available now. Beautiful resin celestial palm stands. Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine, & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft Witches’ Cauldron Salt & Pepper […]

Perfumed Portals: Ars Inspiratio scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

In celebration of The Art of the Occult: A Visual Sourcebook for the Modern Mystic, the aromatic adepts at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have summoned forth a rare opulence of fragrances inspired by a handful of these curious images that transcend time and place. The Ars Inspiratio collection is comprised of five artful scents corresponding […]

31 Days Of Horror: Week Four.

To make up for last week’s lackluster entry in this month-long series, I set out to make week four a collection to remember. And I think I succeeded in doing so. It’s an eerie extravaganza! A spooky spectacular! And much like last week, I am not certain if it makes sense to order the following […]

The Most Macabre Of Distinctions: An Interview With Megan Rosenbloom, A Librarian Investigating the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin.

I’ve been spending the past week thinking about what sort of introduction to pen for the following interview with Megan Rosenbloom about her debut nonfiction book, Dark Archives: A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin. Intros are always the hardest part, aren’t they? How do you sum up […]

31 Days Of Horror: Week Three

Week three was a bit of a bust, I’m afraid. I was overwhelmed and undermotivated and this led to me attempting to do a lot of things–probably too many things!– in uninspired, half-assed ways. However! I did try to fit something horror-related or at the very least horror-ish or horror-esque or horror-adjacent in where I […]

Brujita Skincare

Inspired by the mercados of Mexico City, Brujita Skincare is a woman owned holistic skincare line. Leah Guerrero hand picks only sustainable, raw, and natural organic key ingredients for each product, and formulates for a range of skin concerns and treatments. Each product is hand made in small batches, and have become cult favorites, with […]

31 Days Of Halloween: Week Two

Day Eight: Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl. Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl is restrained, melancholy, and softly ominous drama, a sort of off-kilter romance with a gloomy, gothic 70s haunted house vibe plus a placid pace to test your patience. Adele is a quiet young woman who has the opportunity to escape her miserable home life for […]

Mlle. Ghoul Answers Your Questions

Sarah Elizabeth answers your questions, and discusses such topics such as Trauma! Terror! Bad Career Advice! (And A Giveaway!)! I recently saw a YouTube video where the creator, in effect, interviewed herself, and I loved that idea! So maybe one day I will do that, but for now, I’ve reached out to *you* all for […]

In the Shadow Room

I spent a season in a red room, a rich, deep, glowing red, where the shadows glistened as if they were soaked with wine. From this, the latest addition to the Haute Macabre collection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was born. Inky black pomegranate, blackcurrant, cassis, red sandalwood, ambrette seed and fossilized amber, pink peppercorn, and guiaicwood. […]

ARS INSPIRATIO: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

To commemorate the release of Sarah Elizabeth’s new book, The Art of the Occult, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has “invited her to collaborate on a collection of art/scent pairings intended to serve as access points to occult inspiration, accompanied by short notes from S. Elizabeth explaining why she returns to gaze at these works again […]

31 Days Of Horror: Week One

It’s that time again! Time for me to decide that I am committing to watching a horror movie every day for the month of October! Time for me to rationalize that one episode of a television series counts as a movie, that a music video counts as a movie, that a one minute and thirty-second […]

What Does Outer Space Smell Like?

We’ve all gazed up at the night sky, observing the movement of the constellations and wishing on fleeting glimpses of falling stars, while simultaneously feeling both small and humbled by the vastness of space and grateful for our mere existence in the universe, to experience such things at all. But…have you ever contemplated how it […]

At Home with the Hogan McLaughlin Spring 2021 Collection

Being a fair bit consumed of late, I’ll confess that I have been, regrettably, inattentive to all of the wonderful things that are generally of great interest to me in terms of art, fashion, etc. And this negligence is why I am just now seeing Hogan McLaughlin’s Spring 2021 collection and the marvelously innovative approach […]

Reliving My Youth

Albums that I remember copying onto cassette tape are now considered classic rock, so, yes, obviously, movies I saw (multiple times) in the theater when high school are definitely due in for reboots. My streaming history recently has Jawbreaker, She Devil, and Mermaids, yes, I will absolutely be watching this on demand. Can we also […]

Post Mortem: Taurus Through Libra

Time doesn’t seem to be working within its regular boundaries in 2020, so ICYMI, here are Haute Macabre’s offerings from Taurus through Libra seasons. The Mutter Museum Virtual Tour Sarah’s Needful Things: Quarantine Edition Weekly Eyeball Fodder Stacked April 2020 We Are The (Funko POP!) Weirdos, Mister Fire (POZAR): New From David Lynch Surrealist Décor […]

October Tarotscopes from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

October Tarotscopes  This month is a major one: chances are, you can already feel it. October will be quite charged and will be potentially draining, so take every measure to protect your energy. It holds two Full Moons: one of them is a rare Blue Moon on Halloween, which happens only every 18-19 years! The […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@marcomazzoniart // Marco Mazzoni “Twilight” by @rachaelbridge // Rachael Bridge @ellenjewett // Ellen Jewett @margriet.smulders // Margriet Smulders “Artery skein: my monster heart” by @aledelatorrec // Ale De la Torre @marisguii // Mariana Sguilla @kristinkwanart // Kristin Kwan @melissa_kojima // Melissa Kojima “Damp Trail” by @mister_caitlin // Cait McCormack @moonflesh // Lyla Mori Do you […]

September 2020 Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

September 2020 Full Moon Tarotscopes Sometimes when you don’t know that you don’t know, life can be easier. Sometimes when you know that you don’t know—when you begin to understand that what you were taught or told wasn’t the truth—a painful awakening occurs. Trust has been lost, and identity, and actions feel unstable. If you […]

Extra Extras: Sarah’s Perfume Collection: A YouTube Tour

No one ever accused me of being extra (ok, that’s a lie. Lots of people have.) So it occurred to me that we need a fun column to document our extra-ness, because come on, there’s not a one among the Haute Macabre writers who doesn’t have some weird, excessively over-the-top obsession or fascination or hobby […]

New Sponsor: Lost Apostle

Please welcome our new sponsor, Lost Apostle Lost Apostle has kept things weird since 2007, handcrafting edgy bronze jewelry for the Renegade, the Rebel and Rogue. With what began as a market stall in East London, UK, James & Nadya , the duo behind Lost Apostle now based in Montreal, have developed a strong presence in […]

August Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

This is a FULL full moon. Themes have to do with shedding, moving beyond, moving on, and liberation We collectively continue the process of uncovering all of our various identities. In fact, themes of this month’s Moon will continue through all of August, so pay attention to any and all circumstances that show up for […]

I’ll Be Right Beside You

• I’ll be right beside you, • FUNDRAISER • Together, artists Jamie Draven and Niki Rain, and Haute Macabre have put together a fundraiser giveaway package that 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting two local New Orleans organizations, House of Tulip and The Eden House. House of Tulip is a nonprofit collective creating housing […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

@azumamakoto // Azuma Makoto “Oluwakemi 1863” by @bbychakra92 @rebeccachaperon // Rebecca Chaperon “Blue Resplendence” by @carolinejamhour // Caroline Jamhour “Mujer acostada” by @poni // Hilda Palafox // J. Henry @dcpender // Dani Pendergast “The Night Watchman” by @sonyapalencia // Sonya Palencia “Cruox” by @studio.sheridansart // Laura Sheridan “The Flowers Of Evil” by @yoann.lossel // […]

Bath With Intention: Crystal Bar Soap in the Haute Macabre Apothecary

The Haute Macabre Apothecary is now fully stocked with a huge selection of crystal embedded bath bombs, soaps, body butters, and bath salts from Crystal Bar Soaps, all of which are 100% vegan. Bath Salts: Celestial Vision with amethyst and lavender, to relax, recharge, and meditate. Milky Way with clear quartz and coconut milk to […]

June 2020 Lunar Eclipse Tarotscopes from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

June 2020 Lunar Eclipse 2020 Eclipse season begins with a partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th. Eclipses are timeline portals. Lunar Eclipses bring up the past so that we can attend to it differently in the present moment. In doing so, patterns change. Right now, this is especially true collectively. All of us […]

Surrealist Décor And Tiny Secret Drawers: Dali Burning Giraffe Woman Sculpture

“Man is full of secret drawers, only to be opened by psychoanalysis.” I’m rather tongue-tied and overcome in gazing the delicate marvel of this small but wonderfully expressive statue from the Parastone Museum 3D Collection, inspired by Salvadore Dali’s 1937 painting, The Burning Giraffe. The sculpture’s tiny drawers aren’t functional of, course, but I’m envisioning […]