Etsy Shop of the Week: Ink and Rags

Bed Set in Death Moth, $119 Ink and Rags is a woman-run shop specializing in custom printables including bedding, clothing, tote bags, and more, conceived as a way to support their family while coping with an autistic daughter . While you may have to pick your way through some questionable design choices (cowboy boot throw […]

Life After Death Designs

Life After Death Designs coffin lipstick and brush holders just made my vanity a little bit brighter (darker?). The coffin shaped lipstick and brush displays fit my ever growing collection of lipsticks perfectly – and leaving room to spare! These are such a great alternative to all of those plastic and acrylic organizers that may do the […]

Etsy Find: A Murder of Crows

A Murder of Crows Necklace, $550 Hand-carved water buffalo horn and sterling twigs statement necklace from The Arcane Forest on Etsy.    

Etsy Find: Raven Hair Fork

Hand-carved Raven Hair Fork, $78 Hair forks seem to be all the rage right now for those of you with the mermaid-length tresses, and what better way to keep your mane out of your face that with this carved wooden raven hair fork from Free in Tree? They also do swans, owls, eagles, creepy Dali […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: The Last Sparrow

Duvet Cover, $129 Etsy shop The Last Sparrow features the moody, magical photography of shop owner Violet Gray presented in a number of unusual ways- as home decor, tapestries, clothing, bags, and more. Of course most photos are also available as standard prints- but why limit yourself? Shower curtain, $85 Leggings, $50

Etsy Find: Crescent Moon Earrings

Crescent Moon Earrings, $52 Had to get these big dangly crescent moon earrings from Thalassa Jewelry. Also available as a necklace ($38). Both come in a variety of finishes including brushed, matte, shiny, and oxidixed- but hammered silver seems to me to be the perfect way to capture the moon.

Etsy shop of the Week: Mirimirifashion

Sheer Silk Hooded Dress, $129 Veteran designer Kaye Costello’s Etsy shop, Mirimirifashion, chooses to do only a few things- but to do them well. And the main thing she does is hooded dresses with some shrugs and boleros scattered in, focusing on that fine line where fashion meets cozy. As someone that lives in the […]

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Contrived to Charm

The Haute Macabre Etsy Shop of the Week is Contrived to Charm, creating hand crafted custom leather belts, boot straps, and tarot card cases. Contrived to Charm has been on my radar since I purchased one of the tarot cases at the Black Lodge pop up shop last year, and now I’m seeing plenty more […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: Maria Queen Maria

Deconstructed Coat, $139 This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week is Maria Queen Maria- deconstructed fashion for the forward-thinking.  Clothing is made to order, so customization of colors, lengths, etc. is available. Plus sizes available at regular price And just to sweeten the deal the entire shop is 15% off this month for Valentine’s day […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: Dellamorteco

Tentacle Candlestick Holders, $140 This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week is Dellamorteco (Dellamorte & Co.), beautiful handmade housewares with mythic, occult, and macabre themes. Many of the pieces are made to be functional as well as beautiful, although you will find some jewelry and purely decorative work here as well. And if any of […]

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Adam Foster Jewelry

This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week is Adam Foster Jewelry. His entire collection is beautiful, but we really love the Skull engagement rings and wedding bands. “I look forward to the next couple or the next bachelor looking to have something created. There is always an interesting person or couple around the corner and […]

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Fabulous Cat Papers

The Haute Macabre Etsy Shop of the Week is Fabulous Cat Papers, which might win for Best Shop Name Ever. Fabulous Cat Papers offers handmade and hand embroidered notebooks with Japanese paper covers. Made in Athens, Greece, each notebook has a delicate quality to it, with styles ranging from mandalas to the macabre.

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Mythic Articulations

Specializing in 3D printed models of the skeletal systems of mythical creatures, Mythic Articulations artist Brian Richardson has definitely carved out a niche market for himself (coincidentally, the editors and readers of Haute Macabre are exactly that market). Check out Mythic Articulations on Etsy, and build your own Chupacabra in a can!

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Creatures From El

Sculptor Ellen Jewett was raised among snails in Ontario, and now creates these absurdly intricate sculptures of her version of nature for her shop, Creatures From El. To Ellen, sculpting has always been about life, biological narratives and cultural statements. She considers her work equally an expression of art and academic curiosity into the lives of […]

Etsy Shop of the Week :: The Small Beast

You might remember the shop The Small Beast from our post last spring about the limited edition Baphomet Rings that creator Shelby Lou had released. Aside from that piece, she has also stocked her shop with limited edition jewelry made from antique coffin nails. Yes, please. The Small Beast was born out of the need […]

Etsy Shop of the Week :: Witch City Wicks

This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week is Witch City Wicks, a handcrafted artisan soy candle one woman operation based out of Salem, MA! A lot of my inspiration comes from my own experience and style. I’ve never been a convention person with conventional tastes. Art, music, certain sub-cultures and especially living in Salem has put […]

Etsy Shop of the Week :: DruidessArt Eye of a Druiddess

“My paintings are deeply connected with the unnamed voice of nature and the divine feminine.” This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week features the beautiful and deeply meaningful artwork and prints by A. Calle-Cook‘s Eye of the Druiddess. My work is the result of my Journey through ancient myths, archetypes, and my deep love for nature. […]