Shoeturday: No Can Has

It would seem that these are not actually available for sale. My sadness knows no bounds. via freeOne on deviantart [ad name=”post ad image”]

Hot as Hades

Polaro Boot, $237.99 Interesting new offerings from mostly-Steampunk shoe crew Hades. Morgana Bootie, $185.99 Ripley Peep Toe, $109.00 [ad name=”post ad image”]

Shoe Review: Frye Carson Harness Ballet

Sometimes it’s the basics that are the hardest for me. Like finding a replacement for the black velvet ballet slippers the cat peed in six months ago. I needed a simple slip-on flat. Something casual and comfortable, fine with skirts or jeans, and most importantly something that could easily fit in my purse to be […]

Shoe Review: Fluevog’s Adriana Luna

This weekend, I went shoe shopping for the first time since I made my no-black New Year’s resolution, and here is what I bought- the first non-black shoes I’ve owned since an ill-conceived pair of turquoise Chuck Taylors in 1991:Fluevog’s Adriana Luna. Don’t worry: they come in black, too. A quick boot review: They are […]

Shoeturday: Stitches

Dolce Vita June Trapunto  Stitched Boot, on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call for $225. NMLC is also currently having a general 30% off sale until November 14, on top of that. Soooo…around $160? Want. EDITOR’S NOTE: November 9th and 10th the sale is 40% off a single item. That makes them $135.  Done! [ad name=”post […]

It’s No Glass Slipper

Presently, this is just a Photoshopped concept image, but how far off is an implant like this? Breast augmentation is commonplace, and in more extreme modification subcultures, jewelry and whiskers implants are.  We’ve seen forked tongues and devil horns, so why does this seem like it’s went just a step too far (pardon my terrible pun)? From […]


Kermit Tesoro [ad name=”post ad image”]

Shoe Porn Saturday

Alexander McQueen, S/S 2010 Thierry Mugler 2011 Marc Jacobs 2011/2012 Iris Van Herpen 2011 [ad name=”post ad image”]

Shoeturday: Colorless Murder Feet Objects

You read that correctly. Don’t call them “shoes”. Shoes are for walking in. These are for…well, the designer quotes  legendary shibari photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in the description, if that tells you anything, Colorless Murder feet objects, horsehair and cherrywood, $3,462.00. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Shoeturday: Black Iris

Alexander McQueen Black Iris platform sandal. If I were the goddess Flora, these would be my dancing shoes. [ad name=”post ad image”]

London Fashion Week 2011 Shoe Report

Topshop Unique Chunky, clunky straight-heeled platform boots walked down runway after runway for London Fashion Week. The sudden change in heel shape can mean only one thing-time to dust off the old Pennengalans and revel in the resurgence of Goth Boots! John Rocha Julian J. Smith Already in your closet? Pennangalan’s  L5, Linda, and Simply Victim boots […]

Do Your Homework

Here is an excellent reminder that the internet is a marvelous tool for comparison shopping (remember what a pain that used to be)? Today I saw a cute pair of the Cedar Street boots above in a consignment shop at $150. I came home to run a price check and see what they were actually worth- and […]

Your Tron got in My Goth! Your Goth Got in My Tron!

That was the heading on the email that brought me to these shoes. Normally, light-up shoes seem to fall into exactly two categories: children’s sneakers and stripper heels. But Anastasia Radevich uses fiber optics to soften the lighting so that it highlights the shoe rather than, say, keeping the wearer from being hit by passing […]

Strapped for Cash

I love it when you guys turn up something awesome I had no idea existed! Thanks to HM reader Baxt for turning me on to these outrageous shoe harnesses from Indecorous Taste ($275 -$575/pair). They might not be quite right for everyday wear, but they pretty much rock for everything else. Baxt also posed us […]

motorcycle boots

Motorcycle Boots

Boutique 9 Cathy, $159.99 † Madison et Cie Moto, $495.00 Motorcycle boots are all the rage. But they are also an icon and a wardrobe staple. A good pair should last you roughly until the end of time as long as you care for the leather and pick fairly traditional style. There are zillions of […]

Shoeturday: Inspiration

Topshop’s over-the-knee boots for A/W 2010. The fur has to go, but otherwise I’m pretty much in love.

Shoeturday : Look Familiar?

Not surprisingly, Forever 21 has introduced a Jeffrey Campbell wedge knockoff to its impossibly large collection.  Priced at under $50, it might be a viable (and probably poorly made) alternative to the consistently sold out original 99.


Olapa Boot, $199.95 † Sidon Boot, $199.95 Asmick Shoe, $120.00 † Baco Boot, $180.00 I’m not entirely sure what’s up with Tsubo. They seem to be a company with multiple personalities. They make some really ugly shoes of the sort that look totally comfortable and functional and that middle-aged Berkeley hippies wear with yoga pants […]

London Event: Vivianne Westwood Retrospective

Selfridges London opened a retrospective of Vivienne Westwood footwear on August 26th. Vivienne Westwood Shoes, An Exhibition 1973 – 2010 runs through September 22nd in the Ultralounge, on the lower ground floor. Does the phrase “Hilarious Drag Queen Crime Caper” come to mind for anyone else? I think there’s a movie to be made in […]

Shoeturday: Zoya

Sam Edelman’s Zoya bootie, $349 A little bit Rhinestone Cowboy? Yes. But somehow, I’m OK with that.

Object Fetish

Friday’s homework assignment is to take three minutes and eleven seconds to watch pure shoe porn on ShowStudio’s Object Fetish, dedicated to Alexander McQueen’s stunningly intricate Angel heels.

Shoeturday: Skeleton Crew

DSquared2  has turned out more of the skeleton heels we originally noticed at Milan Fashion Week.  According to StreetAnatomy, they will be available through Zappo’s come August.

Lady Gaga’s Cobbler

Designer Noritaka Tatehana, referred by the press  Lady Gaga’s Shoe Guru, recently gave an interview to MTV. The previously unknown student (he just graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts) seems to be doing an excellent job of turning Gaga’s platform addiction into a recognizable, viable brand of his own.  All this at the […]