Harnessing The Sentiment of Hair: Courtney Lane Of Never Forgotten

I have a lot of hair. I think it’s probably one of the first things people notice about me. It’s long, and fluffy, and sometimes if the humidity is right, it so big that it could be doing cartwheels across David Coverdale’s Lamborghini in 1987. It’s also the piece of me that you’re probably going […]

Shop PSA: Haute Macabre Hair Gloss Back in Stock

We have just restocked the Haute Macabre Shop with a limited number of our original scent Hair Gloss! Click here to visit the Haute Macabre Shop Oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli. The original scent, bottled exclusively for Haute Macabre by Black Phoenix Alchemy […]

Lunation Leathers

Hailing from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Lunation Leathers was drawn to leather work by the desire to give a new life to something that no longer has a soul. Sourcing leather from American tanneries, each item is hand carved, dyed, and forged 100% by hand to bring the leather back to life. Gaining popularity for the beautiful […]

Etsy Find: Raven Hair Fork

Hand-carved Raven Hair Fork, $78 Hair forks seem to be all the rage right now for those of you with the mermaid-length tresses, and what better way to keep your mane out of your face that with this carved wooden raven hair fork from Free in Tree? They also do swans, owls, eagles, creepy Dali […]

Hair Today: Vicious Undercut

Like everything 90’s, the undercut is back- but this time with the addition of intricate designs. It’s a whole lot better than that time in 6th grade I asked for a peace sign cut into mine, and ended up with what was clearly a chicken foot scwaled into the nape of my neck.

oVertone Haircare

Please welcome our newest advertiser, oVertone Haircare! oVertone Haircare is a line of color depositing conditioners that keep your fantasy hair color looking vibrant and beautiful all the time, even between dye jobs. The mission is to end color fading for good, and Haute Macabre whole heartedly supports that. oVertone Haircare was created by Maegan and […]

My Return to Rebellious Hair, Part 3

“Gray hair adds authority to a man and takes it away from a woman.” –The Woman’s Dress for Success Book (published 1978) Hi Guys! It’s been a few weeks, so I’m back to report on how this little project is going. If you have no idea what I’m on about, catch up on Part One […]

Ageless Dailies

While searching online for inspiration for great grey hair, I’ve become a little obsessed with StyleLikeU‘s Ageless Dailies feature. They’ve got tons of these. I’m kind of in love. This woman, and her hair. And this woman is 83 years old.  Ladies, quit yer bitchin’.

My Return to Rebellious Hair: Part 2

NOTE: This is part two of an ongoing series wherein I attempt to let my hair go gray without looking like a crazy person. You can find the first part HERE. With hair, as with most things in life, I tend to think that the best plan is to start with the simplest solutions, and […]

My Return to Rebellious Hair: Part 1

I’ve had my share of rebellious hair. It’s been purple and green and blue and every imaginable shade of red. It’s been dreadlocked and mohawked (not to mention dreadhawked), shaved and pixie-short and ass-long. In the 80’s it absorbed so much Aqua Net I feel a personal responsibility for the hole in the ozone layer.  […]

Hair Today: Going Gray

 Kristen McMenamy Led in large part by model Kristen McMenamy’s signature silver mane, a quiet revolution in hair color seems to be taking place. While many of us have been busy hiding our gray roots for years (personally, I started seeing silver around 16),  the younger crowd seems to be  embracing gray hair- even dyeing […]


Outrageous hair sculptures from Wilfred Karloff. Whose hair, I’m not sure.

Weekend Inspiration: Joan Holloway Hair

  This is just one of lots of awesome vintage hair tutorials by Cherry Dollface, by the way. I spent a good hour absorbed in them. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Aveda’s Neo Goth

Aveda’s 2012 Neo Goth line of drool-worthy, full-spectrum, manga-inspired cuts and colors. Just in time for those holiday hair appointments. [ad name=”post ad image”]

New Advertiser :: Manic Panic

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Manic Panic! I have a feeling everyone here has dyed their hair with Manic Panic at least once in their lives (I left an old apartment with a permanently stained Vampire Red bathtub), so we are very excited to welcome Manic Panic to Haute Macabre! Founded on 7.7.77 by sisters Tish […]

Hair Today

  Just some pictures I found on Tumblr. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Prickly Personality

Shot by Sergio de Luz for Love Sex Dance Magazine. I’m thinking the spiky updo has distinct possibilities. [ad name=”post ad image”]


Paolo Roversi for i-D. Her hair. It is awesome. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Motorcycle Cupcake

Everything about this picture pleases me: the boy-short pixie hair with the super-vamp makeup, and both of those with a demure high-collared vintage look dress and bare shoulders. The whole look says something like “I had to take a break from fixing my motorcycle because the cupcakes were almost done”. Shot by by Boris Ovini […]

Hirsute Sculpture

Hair by Peter Gray & Masa Honda Photographed by Takahiro Ogawa for the Asian Beauty Expo

Uptown and Down

Uptown and Down, shot by Mario Testino for V . It’s enough to send me running to start the new year with a new color… [ad# post ad image]


Salon Review: Pirate Salon, San Francisco I found Pirate Salon through Yelp originally, as I was searching for a salon that seemed hip enough to do interesting cuts, and also catered specifically to curls. Pirate came highly recommended- and the price was right. $45 for a cut, $10 if you just need a bang trim, […]

Squeak Machine

Alternative model, make-up artist, and queen of the dreadfalls, Squeak is just about the only person I’ve ever met who can pull off bubblegum pink and still look like she might kick your ass.  She has recently launched her own site, SqueakMachine, with a ton of makeup tips and tutorials, DIY sewing projects, and hair […]

This is My Python, Monty.

Photos by Michael Jansson for Vogue Italia (2009) If I tried to do this to my hair, I would look like a hedgehog in a stiff breeze.

Curl Up and Dye

This post is specifically for the readers with curls. Sorry to be exclusive, but Samantha will have to write the book on straight hair-care. Photo credit I have curly, curly hair. For much of my life, I dealt with this by either cutting it so short it couldn’t get into trouble, or strapping it down […]

Good Hair Day

Gabrografico It’s been a while since the last Hair Today feature, so last night I just spent a while cruising Deviant Art, looking at hair.  Here’s the best of what I found, linked to the profile I found it on (so, it may be the photographer, model, makeup artist, or someone else entirely).  I could […]

Hooked On Hairroin

The moment I read Nixon’s announcement that “Hair Today” had been added to Haute Macabre’s categories, my conundrum was solved.  Never mind the three posts I’d started; what I’m doing now is For those of you who might have stumbled across my dot com at some point, or perhaps encountered my profile on one of […]