A Trip To Los Angeles

Sarah To be frank–and apologies in advance, Angelenos– but even though I had never been, I was pretty sure, like almost 100% certain, that I was going to feel some kind of way about Los Angeles. Aversion? Hostility? I’m not even sure what kind of way. But not a good way. Even though in my […]

Haute Haunts: Building A Mystery (House)

My parents are divorced, so from elementary school to high-school I spent my holiday breaks flying in and out of the San Jose airport. Four times a year, I lived a life filled with California things: rollercoasters and hot dogs, road trips under the redwoods, oysters and sourdough and fog and saltwater. Yet despite spending […]

Haute Haunts: A Ghost In Manchester

So often when people travel, they speak about falling in love with a city. That love-at-first-sight feeling, that moment where everything clicks and you think, this is where I am meant to be. This is home. It’s never happened to me. I’ve enjoyed places I’ve traveled to, certainly. I love Paris and I try to […]

Haute Haunts: 24 Hours In NYC

It’s funny, I lived less than an hour from New York City for almost eight years and in all that time, I only traveled into the city once or twice. To be honest, I have always found NYC massively intimidating. There’s so much–too much!– going on at any one time; everything is too loud, too […]