Shadow Self by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Shadow Self: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre

The new perfume blend by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre: Shadow Self Myrrh, opoponax, smoked lavender buds, Australian sandalwood, clary sage, copoiba and tolu balsams, hyssop, self-heal, and rue with a glimmer of frankincense, green tea absolute, white lotus absolute, and pink lotus petals. Please note that Shadow Self contains solid plant material and […]

Virtually Tour the Weird and Wonderful

To help relieve our collective cabin fever, these fascinating places, currently closed indefinitely, have virtual tours available online. The Winchester Mystery House The Paris Catacombs Faces of Frida Inside the circle at Stonehenge King Arthur’s Tintagel Castle Bran Castle: Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula’s Castle, where Vlad the Impaler may have been imprisoned at one […]

Haute Haunts: Cassadaga, Florida

Remember “going places”? Ah, those were the days, weren’t they? In the spirit of once again leaving the neighborhood and going on adventures and explorations when the world is once more safe and healthy (or as safe and healthy as it can get, I guess), and also in the spirit, of well…spirits…I thought I might […]

A Trip To Los Angeles

Sarah To be frank–and apologies in advance, Angelenos– but even though I had never been, I was pretty sure, like almost 100% certain, that I was going to feel some kind of way about Los Angeles. Aversion? Hostility? I’m not even sure what kind of way. But not a good way. Even though in my […]

Haute Haunts: Building A Mystery (House)

My parents are divorced, so from elementary school to high-school I spent my holiday breaks flying in and out of the San Jose airport. Four times a year, I lived a life filled with California things: rollercoasters and hot dogs, road trips under the redwoods, oysters and sourdough and fog and saltwater. Yet despite spending […]

Haute Haunts: A Ghost In Manchester

So often when people travel, they speak about falling in love with a city. That love-at-first-sight feeling, that moment where everything clicks and you think, this is where I am meant to be. This is home. It’s never happened to me. I’ve enjoyed places I’ve traveled to, certainly. I love Paris and I try to […]

Haute Haunts: 24 Hours In NYC

It’s funny, I lived less than an hour from New York City for almost eight years and in all that time, I only traveled into the city once or twice. To be honest, I have always found NYC massively intimidating. There’s so much–too much!– going on at any one time; everything is too loud, too […]