I don’t worry cause my wallet’s fat.

It is time for me to buy a new wallet. I know this because my credit cards/ coffee cards/grocery cards/photo booth photos from Bar-B-Q-Bar are being held in place by a single tenacious string. Every time I open my wallet, it’s like seeing Alfred Hitchcock in a size small Speedo. It’s not pretty now, and […]

Know When to Fold ’em

“The woman of the ’40’s through her military costumes suggests self-confidence and resoluteness”. -Dora Mojzes Hungarian designer Dora Mojzes newest collection, Diploma, uses origami folding techniques to transform cloth into geometric forms and comes out with powerful silhouettes that are at once classic and futuristic, aggressive and whimsical, and always glamorous. Knock it off: Silence […]

Txell Miras

I was looking over some photos from the recent shows in Barcelona, and pictures from Txell Miras kept catching my eye. Ok, so the inclusion of the occasional cloth-wrapped picture frame is probably NOT going to incorporate itself into my wardrobe any time soon. But I’m in love with the drape and layer of the […]

Fairy Tale

Photos from Vogue Italia Photographer: Tim Walker; February 2009 Knock it off: Jeweled wool cloche hat, Forever 21, $12.80 Sheer Lace Blouse, Forever 21, $19.80 Ostrich Feather Skirt, Top Shop, £65.00 Vintage Lace Drop Waist Dress, Charlotte Russe, $24.99

Recesshun: Not So Bad, Actually

More than a little reminiscent of Louboutin’s work with Rodarte, Christian Siriano’s Fall 2009 shoes hit the runway for New York fashion week and are causing quite a stir. Why? Because these these shoes are a collaboration…with…. wait for it… wait for it…. Payless. Due out in the fall, they will run $25- $45. Note […]

Fashion Week: Phi

Dear Phi– You totally win at Fashion Week. -Haute Macabre Knock it off: Xhilaration stretch buckle belt, $15.29 or Armanie Exchange Triple Buckle Belt, $29

Mystery Designer

Stylecunt recently posted these images by photographer Sara Silver, and sadly, none of us can find the designer.  Anyone out there in the ether able to help us out?   Until then, Knock it Off :  Mini Pleated Skirt, Sequin Halter Top, Wide Elastic Belt, Over the Elbow Gloves

Viva la Design Students

Once upon a time, Haute Macabre posted about Gwendolyn Huskens’ Medic Esthetic project for her graduation project, a collection of shoes all constructed by medical supplies.  Not surprisingly, guess what has popped up on the runway?   Givenchy had their models’ feet wrapped in, what looks like to me, white Ace Bandages.   I know we usually aren’t […]


I have no idea what this is, or where it came from, but I know that I LOVE it. Edited to add:   Our lovely readers and one lovely writer have let me know that this ensemble is none other than Rick Owens.  There’s leettle tiny text up in that top right corner, but my […]

Rick Owens Makes Savage Love to the Runway

Again. Layers, funnel necks and gloves with everything – many of Rick Owens‘ staples carry over into his Fall/Winter 09 collection, but there is something decidedly more savage about this look. Be it the shaved hairlines,  or the lack of buttons [or closures of any sort] on some of the jackets – there’s a sort […]

Eff Off, Monograms

Louis Vuitton, your clothes are so beautiful.  Why must you ruin every handbag that you make with your stupid initials all over it?  Your pre-fall line is gorgeous.  Sleek, smart, and sexy.  Why can’t you learn from that?  The only items that I own and wear that have anyone’s brand name on it have all […]


These Wolford Medaillon Tights are hotter than anything Legs Avenue could ever come up with.  Sadly, at £37.00, I’ll be sticking with the cheapies.  Knock it Off with the Rose Lace Stockings at $8, instead.

Clothing Drop

Clothing Drop is very likely to turn into a new obsession for me.  It is a new and used Gothic and Lolita shop, with consignments available.  Prices are a TON lower than if you were to purchase directly from the designer, so I’ll be bookmarking it for sure. Some items that caught my eye: H. […]

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2009

Like most Hollywood awards shows, the Golden Globes are as much about who wins on the red carpet as who wins inside. So, without further ado, the winners: Renee Zellweger’s outfit as a whole didn’t seem to work, but the awesome Carolina Herrera fishtail skirt would have done an Addams proud. I’ll give it Best […]

Anna Sui Spring ’09

Every one of us has the same problem – black in the spring and summer = hawt.  When I say hawt, I mean HOT.  Sticky, sweltering, sweaty hot.  Anna Sui has taken that into consideration for her Spring / Summer ’09 line, and given us this light looking strapless dress.  The rest of the collection […]

Fendi Ready to Wear 09

Fendi’s Spring / Summer Ready to Wear Line is full of bell skirts, sheer blouses, and wide waist cincher belts.  It also seems to be full of Flock of Seagulls hair, but it’s Fendi, so it can get away with whatever it wants.   Knock it Off : Darla Satin Skirt from Forever 21, Scoop Back […]

Spring 2009: Michelle Jank

Michelle Jank’s Hitchcock-inspired Spring 2009 dresses: Knock it off: cut out applique birds yourself to spruce up an outfit (there are lots of bird silhouettes available using a simple image search), or buy them ready-made. $4.00 gets you a pack of 10 felt birds on Etsy, or get a sequinned applique for $12.50 at Accessories […]

2009: Comme des Garçons

I will be the very first to admit that I am more than just a little confused by Comme des Garçons’ 2009 Spring Ready to Wear line.  It is reminiscent of the Steel Sak trash bags I use for my kitchen garbage, with a touch of the Muppet, but deep in my heart, I will always love CDG. […]

Spring 2009: Rodarte

Happy New Year, my fashionista friends! It’s 2009, which means it’s time we focused on looking to the year ahead. The next week here at Haute Macabre we’ll be taking a look at the spring ready-to-weart collections for 2009. Spring collections are always significantly more challenging than Fall/Winter collections, as for some reason many designers […]

The Silence of the L.A.M.B.

Since its inception, I’ve sort of ignored Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection.  I immediately associated it with all that Harajuku cartoon LeSportSac retardation that became all the rage, so I never went looking around to see what it actually had to offer.   Once again, I admit my faults, and humbly apologize.   Pictured above are the […]

I Lived to See the Day

I honestly never thought I would say this, but Urban Outfitters‘ winter releases are full of win.  Usually, when I walk into one of their stores, I am immediately overwhelmed by the disarray, the terrible music played at a million decibels, and the teeny boppers trying to find the latest hobo hipster knockoffs.  By the […]

Lace Legs

Leggings have quickly become a part of my regular wardrobe.  They’re easy to layer, they look great with high boots and heels, and are easy to pair off with various tops or dresses.  Perhaps they lean a bit over to the hipster realm, but really, all those emo kids have done is rip us off […]

Vamp Fang Necklace

Love this solid silver with garnet vampire teeth necklace from Bittersweets NY?  Me, too.  Hate the $525 price tag?  Obviously, you do.  Check out this sterling silver movable vampire fangs charm for just $25.99 on Ebay.