Moldavite + Campo del Cielo Meteorite Pendant 2

Moldavite + Campo del Cielo Meteorite Pendant 2

Haute Macabre


Set in sterling silver. 

Fallen to the Earth from the actual, literal heavens, these Moldavite and Meteorite pieces are a gift from above.

Discovered in Argentina, fragments of the Campo del Cielo meteorites fell to earth nearly 5,000 years ago. Composed of iron, native Argentinians used fragments as weapons, and named the place where they fell Piguem Nonralta, which the Spanish translated as Campo del Cielo - “Field of heaven (or the sky)”.

This extraterrestrial combination of Moldavite and Meteorite leaves me with a sense of physical weightlessness. I use them as a portal to escapism, allowing them to blur the edges of alternative time-lines, to induce a time-sickness: a travel through the void of space as the physical abyss, the celestial underworld. They alleviate my claustrophobia, breaking down the walls of my metaphorical box, loosening the omnipresent tightness in my chest. I expand in the absolution of space, contract my consciousness in the vacuum, and let the blurred edges merge into my reality.

These pieces are beyond what we can consider ancient, a piece of pre-history and creation. Combined with Moldavite, we are given the opportunity to alter our course and create a new path for ourselves. Consider this as a tool of the Endless to use in time magic, and remember always that some things need to crash before they can be reborn.


Moldavite: The Divine Light That Fell to Earth

Transformative / Cosmic / Intensity 

Moldavite has been a powerful and intense crystal long before it went viral on TikTok. A tektite, formed when a meteorite impacted Earth on the Bohemian Plateau millions of years ago, is the physical result of the fusion between the earth and the cosmos and brings all the cosmic dancers to the yard. 

One of the highest vibrational crystals known to man, if not THE highest, Moldavite isn’t for the faint of heart. It *will* change everything, dislodging any psychic debris or energetic blockages that are in the way, and launch you rocket speed into your spiritual growth. Yes, this might be unpleasant, and yes, this might hurt a little. 

The first time I handled Moldavite, I experienced the “Moldavite Flush”. My heart sped up, my body tingled, my face flushed, and I felt a buzzing sensation in my head. It felt like the scene where Arthur pulls the sword out of the stone, or when Harry’s wand picked him: a feeling of This Is Ab-so-f#king-lutely It. 

And then my life completely changed. I met the person of my dreams, I was let go of the job I hated, my magic became more effective, and I was able to define & fortify my boundaries. Yes, I did a lot of this myself, but I also used this incredible space glass to push all of this along.

Moldavite offers spiritual protection while it clears away the bullshit and the blocks. It launches you into rapid transformation and opens you up to cosmic awareness and downloads. I say this with the full awareness that I’m using Wooey New Age buzz words, but Moldavite will push you into manifestation territory. What you do with that, and how you handle it, is up to you.

What to Expect When Working With Moldavite: 

  • An increase in synchronicities 
  • Vivid and/or prophetic dreams 
  • Rapid transformation, shifts, and life changes 
  • Deeper meditations or trance states 


Moldavite has deep roots in Arthurian and Christian mythologies. Moldavite was the Emerald that was dislodged from Lucifer the Light Bringer’s crown by Michael's sword, and is the divine light that fell to earth. It represents both humanity’s fall and its redemption, the Tower leading to the Star. Legends say that the Holy Grail itself was either carved from or adorned with celestial green stones, and is a central figure in the stories of Arthur and his Knights. 

I am no gatekeeper, but I will forewarn you, Moldavite does have side effects. You may experience physical symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, heart racing or an increased pulse, a “spacey” or lightheaded sensation, or body tingles. These are unpleasant to some people (my best friend absolutely cannot stand to be touched by Moldavite, it makes her sick to her stomach). If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, take it off for the rest of the day. Start slow, and ease your way into it. 


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