Night Time Routines & Rituals For Sleep Seekers And Dream Gazers

If I were to wait for someone to ask, “oh, Sarah, won’t you divulge your bedtime routine and rituals to us?” Well, I imagine I would be waiting a very long time indeed because unfortunately, no one ever asks me those kinds of questions. But I do enjoy talking about all things bed and sleep and dream-related, so […]


Narre Tod, Mein Spielgesell Fool Death, My Playmate Franz Fiedler, 1922

An Obscurum Of Secrets: The Lost Art Of Robin Isely

I had, for a time, sadly shelved the idea of a feature on digital collage artist Robin Isely, aka sliplead. I first mentioned this artist in my 2017 Needful Things roundup and I was immensely thrilled at the opportunity to connect with them for an interview, but unfortunately, their gorgeous Tumblr-hosted gallery–an obscurum of secrets, elusive […]

Winged Ghosts of Lake Natron

I’m endlessly fascinated by naturally occurring places that are completely inhospitable to all or most forms of life. It’s one thing when humanity so thoroughly destroys an ecosystem that everything there dies – such things, at this point, still upset but no longer surprise me. But when it’s all up to nature herself, that’s…not a […]

Viva la Design Students

Once upon a time, Haute Macabre posted about Gwendolyn Huskens’ Medic Esthetic project for her graduation project, a collection of shoes all constructed by medical supplies.  Not surprisingly, guess what has popped up on the runway?   Givenchy had their models’ feet wrapped in, what looks like to me, white Ace Bandages.   I know we usually aren’t […]

Deconstructed on Display

John Galliano designed this deconstructed masterpiece for Dior release in 2003, and it is on display at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.  Thankfully, I am on the opposite side of the world, or I fear my attendance would result in rubbing myself all over the dress, trying to mark my territory in order to claim […]

Polyvore Monthly Winner

  Congratulations to Danni!  She will be receiving a prize pack in the mail from Haute Macabre for our favorite Polyvore outfit submission!   Prize Pack Includes: Coilhouse Magazine, Issue #2 Two bottles of Man Glaze Matte nailpolis $50 gift certificate to Brimstone Organics Body Jewelry Want to win?  Enter our Polyvore contest, every week! […]

Brimstone Organics

You kids these days and your extra holes need something to fill them with, so go spend your hard earned cash at Brimstone Organics.  Specializing in ordaining your lobes with the finest organic plugs and hangers made from horn, bone, wood, and stone. They also do silver inlays, but our jewelry is organic where it […]

The Haute List : $50 or Less

$50 or Less Corset Bandage Dress †   Strappy Wedge Sandal  †  Tell Tale Heart Hoodie Metropolis Bolero  †  Shirred Lace Overlay Ruffle Dress  †  Mandarin Collar Coat  Michael Antonio Jackson Ankle Boots  †  Inner Tube Purse  †  Ephemera Bracelet Just to let you guys know, starting next week, we’re moving The Haute List to Monday!

Polyvore Contest Weekly Winner

But the trouble was that my hysterical fit could not go on forever. – by Sidewinder is a parasite. on -Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Notes from Underground” Congratulations to Sidewinder is a parasite! She will be entered in our monthly Polyvore contest. The winner of December and January’s monthly contest shall be announced TOMORROW, and shall receive a copy […]

Alexandra Groover

There is something to be said about a designer who can make an entire collection based on the black zip-up hoodie, without ever actually making one.

Gentlemen, For the Win

Not too long ago, the runway images for this year’s collections starting pouring into my inbox, and quite frankly, I hated everything.  Every men’s line that I saw reminded me of all the things one should never wear.  It was as if the designers were trying to just reach so far out there, and not […]


I have no idea what this is, or where it came from, but I know that I LOVE it. Edited to add:   Our lovely readers and one lovely writer have let me know that this ensemble is none other than Rick Owens.  There’s leettle tiny text up in that top right corner, but my […]

Medieval Times

This entire entry probably has to do with sitting around the house too much reading the boyfriend’s S.M Stirling collection, or maybe it’s just Beyonce’s armored glove, but it seems to me that I’m seeing a lot of King Arthur’s influence in fashion lately.  Although it hasn’t gone as medieval on us all as it […]

Street of Crocodiles

  The Brothers Quay have been around since the early 80’s, and for some reason, most people have no idea who they are.  Start your education with their Phantom Museums Collection, a two disk set that covers nearly 30 years of their career as stop animators.   No, they did not make those Tool videos.

Coppelia Pique’s Lace Stilettos to End the World

I love Andy Julia. This French photographer’s images are dreamy, soft and painfully sexy. It’s no surprise we put one of his beautiful images on Coilhouse Magazine‘s premiere issue and included an editorial of his early work. He continues to steal my breath with his website’s gallery updates and today Nadya Lev showed me something […]

Riding the Queen

Magazine: Vogue China January 2007 Photographer: Pierluigi Maco Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Think You’re Emo Enough?

So much of Gothic Fashion is dependent on reminiscing on the past.  We have our Victorian, Steampunk (the brown Victorian goth), our Ren Faire, the ’80s…  Well, what about the future?  Sure, there’s Cyber Punk, but really, that’s about it.  This might not necessarily be “Goth”, but frankly, it’s too weird and cool to pass up.   […]

One To Watch

These photos are from London designer Louise Simmons’ debut collection, ‘Alter’.  I have to say, I’ll be looking forward to future collections. (Source: Trendhunter)

Button Up Bootie

A much younger version of myself once went up to my mother and said, “I want witch shoes”.   “Well, Samantha, Halloween is a few months off.” “No, Mom, I want witch shoes to wear every day.” And so it began.  Before I could even reach the drug store shelf that had the black hair […]

Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll turns 111 today, and in celebration, we would like to share a few leaked images from the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Tim Burton.  We are absolutely dying to see the rest of the costumes from this, so if anyone has come across better pics, please share! The last coat reminds me […]

The Ghost of Xmas Past

Friends, we need to talk. It has come to my attention that some of you- perhaps even many of you- are still lighting your homes with Xmas lights. Keep in mind that by Xmas lights, I mean “tiny lights on a string”, even if yours have leetle bats or ghosties on them. Please stop. If […]

Miu Miu, Little Kitty

Kristen Dunst for Miu Miu, photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot for Vogue, S/S 2008

It’s Not Rocket Science

Former aerospace engineer Lia Lintern turned her talent for design towards a most unlikely subject- coats- with remarkable results.  Not only are her creations beautiful, they fit. Rather than producing coats in S, M, and L like the vast majority of outerwear manufacturers, her site allows you to enter your measurements (bust, waist, and hip).  Now, […]

Gareth Pugh Pre-Fall 09/10

  I just found this clip from Gareth Pugh’s Paris Fall / Winter 09/10 show from yesterday, and actually had to take a few deep breaths before posting about it.  My exact words in an iChat conversation with Zoetica were “I have to calm down before I post about this, or I’ll just mash the […]

Polyvore Contest Weekly Winner!

out – by aaaaamy on (click on the image to view product info)   Congratulations to Aaaaamy! She will be entered in our monthly Polyvore contest.  Winner shall be announced February 2, and will receive a copy of the newest issue of Coilhouse Magazine, and some super secret other stuff, because we actually got our sh!t together in […]

Let Your Insides Shine

Let your insides shine, thanks to Sture Pallarp.   He takes X-Rays and creates them into lamp shades, and personally, I wouldn’t mind reading under the soft glow of my bits and bones.  Sadly, no price is listed, so you would probably have to contact the designer directly for an inquiry.   Via DesignZen.

The Haute List : $25 or Less

The Haute List  $25 or Less Nine West Women’s PartyGirls  †  Boudoir Ruffle Edge Belted Corset  †  Zipper High Waisted Skirt Elegant Lace Dress  †   Black Over The Knee Thigh High Platform Boot  †   Glitter & Satin Dress    Dazzling Pumps  †   Polkadot Ruffle Top  †   Leather Long Popper Stud Gloves

Lanvin Pre-Fall 09

Oh Lanvin, you did good.  Even better, just from these pictures there are lots of ideas you can snap up & make your own.  Bows, pearls, ribbon, black opaque stockings worn with everything, layered knitwear, antique brooches, ruched elbow gloves, high necklines & tulle…

How To Put On A Corset

It always amazes me how many people do this wrong- even professional stylists! Do it the right way, and you will look better, be more comfortable, and extend the life of your corset.

Etsy Shop Profile : Nouveau Motley

Nouveau Motley is Rachael Victoria Adams of Sonoma County, California.  Each piece is hand crafted, combining the new and old into a mechanical steampunk piece of jewelry. From her Etsy shop profile: I like creating art and collecting/reselling antique and vintage items that have a function. If you can use or wear it, its not […]

La Maison d’Absinthe

The Green Fairy has been around for a few centuries now, and was popularized by the 19th Century bad boys.  The likes of Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Vincent Van Gough, Oscar Wilde, and Aleister Crowley were supposed devotees of the highly alcoholic beverage, despite the popular belief that it was a highly addictive psychoactive drug. […]

Dark Magic

Photography by Mariano Vivanco for Dazed and Confused, August 2008