Night Time Routines & Rituals For Sleep Seekers And Dream Gazers

If I were to wait for someone to ask, “oh, Sarah, won’t you divulge your bedtime routine and rituals to us?” Well, I imagine I would be waiting a very long time indeed because unfortunately, no one ever asks me those kinds of questions. But I do enjoy talking about all things bed and sleep and dream-related, so […]


Narre Tod, Mein Spielgesell Fool Death, My Playmate Franz Fiedler, 1922

An Obscurum Of Secrets: The Lost Art Of Robin Isely

I had, for a time, sadly shelved the idea of a feature on digital collage artist Robin Isely, aka sliplead. I first mentioned this artist in my 2017 Needful Things roundup and I was immensely thrilled at the opportunity to connect with them for an interview, but unfortunately, their gorgeous Tumblr-hosted gallery–an obscurum of secrets, elusive […]

Winged Ghosts of Lake Natron

I’m endlessly fascinated by naturally occurring places that are completely inhospitable to all or most forms of life. It’s one thing when humanity so thoroughly destroys an ecosystem that everything there dies – such things, at this point, still upset but no longer surprise me. But when it’s all up to nature herself, that’s…not a […]

Oracle of Darkness

    Remember our New Year’s Resolutions, when everyone promised not to wear PVC anymore?  This perfectly illustrates why – if I can wear it as a costume for a character named Hell Bitch Slave, rest assured, I will never wear it in public.  I found the dress in a bargain bin at a costume […]

Rick Owens Makes Savage Love to the Runway

Again. Layers, funnel necks and gloves with everything – many of Rick Owens‘ staples carry over into his Fall/Winter 09 collection, but there is something decidedly more savage about this look. Be it the shaved hairlines,  or the lack of buttons [or closures of any sort] on some of the jackets – there’s a sort […]

Quilting Bee

I have always been firmly against quilted jackets. No matter how you cut them, crop them, or color them, they have always made me feel like a little kid. Now, suddenly, I find myself in serious want with this “quilted, corseted, bubble hemmed, futuristic, nylon” jacket, courtesy of Queen Michelle at Kingdom of Style. The […]

Velda Lauder

It’s been at least a week since I posted corsets, so I’m guessing it’s time again. Today’s corset maker is Velda Lauder, whose UK-based business nips the waists of Dita Von Teese and Heidi Klum, among others. Although she makes classic and bridal corsets, her true love is burlesque, and it is her burlesque corsets […]

Apocolucky Charms

Dax Savage’s line of military-inspired jewelry, Apocolucky Charms, are bejeweled GI-Joe sized hardware like gas masks and hand grenades. The brass items are even made from recycled bullet casings.

Shoulder to Shoulder

  Photography by  David Sims for Vogue Paris, January 2009 model Iris Strubegger looks a bit like David Bowie in that first shot…

Louis Mariette: On Top of the World

Malawi-born hatter Louis Mariette grew up exploring the richness of the african countryside in Botswana and Swaziland, gathering butterflies  and feathers, semi-precious stones and bits of finery from local tribesman. His love of nature’s outrageous charms has never faltered, and has served him well in his current career as haberdasher to the stars, turning ordinary […]

Eff Off, Monograms

Louis Vuitton, your clothes are so beautiful.  Why must you ruin every handbag that you make with your stupid initials all over it?  Your pre-fall line is gorgeous.  Sleek, smart, and sexy.  Why can’t you learn from that?  The only items that I own and wear that have anyone’s brand name on it have all […]

Urban Heirlooms

Keep your cash under key with Urban Heirlooms Black Leather Skeleton Key wallet.   Not sure how spectacular this would be to keep in your back pocket (might cause for some uncomfortable sittings-down), but just think about how many times us ladies have shrunk our waists to fit into tiny little corsets to look good. […]

The (Old) New Look

After covering Dior’s Winter collection based on his 1947 New Look, I thought it might be good to  look back and check out what exactly the New Look WAS. Dior’s 1947 collection made a more significant impact on fashion history than any other single collection. The world was coming out of WWII, and for years […]

Christian Dior Fall/Winter ’09

I know we have already been covering the Spring and even pre-Fall shows, but this show was just too spectacular to ignore. Playing up 20’s-inspired hats,  red lips, black cat eyeliner, and super high-arched eyebrows, the collection took an interesting chance and succeeded- the entire show is self-referential and based in large part on their […]

Hail Mary

I am not a religious woman, unless you count my growing collection of religious paraphanalia.   I will get down on my knees and pray to whatever god you want, bow down to any altar, and make any sort of virginal sacrifice it takes if it means this Dior dress from the pre-fall 2009 collection […]

$175 Million in Free Makeup

On a first come, first serve basis, major cosmetics companies are giving away $175 million worth of free products, beginning January 20.  It has something to do with a major lawsuit, but I was a bit too excited to read the full article and all its details.  Here are the full details, along with product […]

Killer Bags

Following up on our story on killer heels, I thought it would be appropraite to give you some options in handbags to match.  After all, a lady should always match her shoes to her bag. James Piatt‘s work in particular seemed like a fine match, along with this cute Moschino bag: Top: James Piatt Persuader […]

Happy 200th Birthday, Edgar Allan Poe!

Edgar Allan Poe turns 200 today, so Haute Macabre would like to wish this icon a very Haute Bicentennial.  Poe was born Edgar Poe in 1809, and was soon after abandoned by his father and orphaned by his mother.  The Allan family took him in, and gave him his middle name.  After the estrangement of […]

Polyvore Contest Weekly Winner!

Shades of Grey by RidleySuicide (click on the image to view product info) Congratulations to Ridley Suicide! She will be entered in our monthly Polyvore contest.  Winner shall be announced February 2, and will receive a copy of the newest issue of Coilhouse Magazine (and maybe some other stuff, if we can get our sh!t together in time)! New […]

Feet Fatale

We all like to think of ourselves as Femme Fatales, so let’s emphasize on the Fatal bit.  A few weeks ago, we had Brass Knuckle Platform Heels in our Haute List, and Trend de la Crème has went one step further.  Go polish up that shoe arsenal you’ve already got, and add some weaponry to it.  Pictured above […]

Ann Demeulemeester

Belgian designer Ann Demuelemeester‘s clothes are difficult to pigeonhole- sometimes her silhouettes seem sleek and refined, sometimes it seems like her models were the unfortunate victims of a fabric store tornado. But whether her couture is hit or miss, she almost always gets it right when it comes to her line of footwear. Be warned- […]

Haute List : $15 or Less

The Haute List $15 and Under  Stretch Peek-A-Boo Sequin Mini Dress  †  Blackjack Ruffle Crochet Scarf  †  Mesh Lace Bra Freak Them Out Sleep Eye Mask  †  Lace Up Pointed Toe Bootie  †  Black Rose Bracelet Lycra Opaque Pantyhose With Diamond Net Top  †  Hearse Earrings  †  Off Shoulder Dolman Sweater Dress 

Android Queens

Images by Patrizio di Renzo for Majo Fruitof 2009

Waxing Gibbous

Portland, Oregon’s Gibbous Fashions is a collective of four designers with the same idea- renovating vintage and discarded clothing and found bits and bobs in remarkable ways. Each garment is made one-by-one, and Gibbous uses no patterns. Instead, the pieces are assembled “like a puzzle”, and each creation is unique. Deeply layered and lavishly adorned, […]

Spring Fashion Alternative

Spring fashion shows are over, and the mainstream design houses are reving up for something they call “pre-Fall” shows. However, the time between the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter shows is actually my favorite, as spring is the time of Alternative Fashion Week. Occurring on both sides of the Pond, these events give up-and-coming designers a chance […]

Evil Is Delicious.

Jodie, a designer (& twin) from Sydney, Australia, recently launched her new collection EVIL TWIN… & we love it. It’s definitely not run of the mill gawth, more streetwear-with-a-dark-edge, but there’s always room for that in a closet full of velvet cloaks & PVC bustiers, isn’t there?!  (Just kidding.  I know you threw that stuff […]

A Private World

Photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, November 2008

Out the Gawth: Christian Lacroix

Does it not dawn on the vast majority of the fashion world that this man’s name is CHRISTIAN LACROIX?? Don’t get me wrong, his stuff is unbelievable. But if some kid at a club introduced himself to me as Christian F’ing Lacroix, my Vodka Cran would probably come out of my nose. Keep wearing those […]


  As I’ve mentioned before, I adore Neil Gaiman.  A few years back, I remember borrowing a copy of Coraline from a friend of mine, and as soon as I finished it, I called my friend and asked, “So when is the movie coming out?”.  Thankfully, the wait is almost over.  It has a scheduled […]

Hoop Dreams

If there is one standout look on spring runways, it has to be hoop skirts. Although a few of these cropped up last season, it seems like everybody showed at least one version of this trend for spring, from wearable minis to floor-length skirts that would have trouble fitting in my apartment. Architectural to classic, […]