Night Time Routines & Rituals For Sleep Seekers And Dream Gazers

If I were to wait for someone to ask, “oh, Sarah, won’t you divulge your bedtime routine and rituals to us?” Well, I imagine I would be waiting a very long time indeed because unfortunately, no one ever asks me those kinds of questions. But I do enjoy talking about all things bed and sleep and dream-related, so […]

2019 Weenies From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Weenie time, weenie time! It’s Weenie time at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! I think I can skip the preamble this year and get right into it. I mean, I could very well wax poetic about my love of autumn leaves and long, dark nights and bloody harvest moons and spooky Halloween feels, but I’m pretty […]


Narre Tod, Mein Spielgesell Fool Death, My Playmate Franz Fiedler, 1922

An Obscurum Of Secrets: The Lost Art Of Robin Isely

I had, for a time, sadly shelved the idea of a feature on digital collage artist Robin Isely, aka sliplead. I first mentioned this artist in my 2017 Needful Things roundup and I was immensely thrilled at the opportunity to connect with them for an interview, but unfortunately, their gorgeous Tumblr-hosted gallery–an obscurum of secrets, elusive […]

Haute Macabre Small Business Advertising Special

Our annual Small Business Advertising Special is now open for applicants! Run a Square Ad on Haute Macabrefrom Black Friday until New Year’s Eve,be include a front page introduction post,& posted to our Social Media Profiles To get started, send an email to hautemacabre {at} gmail {dot} com with:Your Shop Name and LinkYour PayPal or […]

Ask Arcanalogue: Advice from the Arcana

Dear Arcanalogue, I am a 38 year old woman, and in the past two months, there have been drastic changes in my life. I am living alone for the first time, and I am single — another first for my adult life. I don’t really know how to do this. I don’t know how to […]

How To Wear: 31 Days Of Spooky Attire

Sadly I did not engage in my annual tradition of watching one horror movie a day, every day during the month of October. I didn’t have the time! I’m so sorry! If you missed them in previous years, you can find my 31 Days of Horror in our archives for 2018 and 2017. I’m definitely […]

New Moon in Scorpio

Today’s crystal selection, now available via the Haute Macabre Instagram feed and stories. Offerings of garnet { raw and polished }, shungite { polished cubes }, black tourmaline { polished palm stones } and red/hematoid quartz clusters. These pieces have been charged in the swamps of New Orleans, under the the watchful the eye of […]

Red All Over: An Interview With Adam Nevill

Years ago, I read a horror book called The Ritual. I don’t remember how it crossed my path, though I do have a fondness for both wilderness spookers and Scandinavia — probably it was on a list of books compiled by someone I trusted, or maybe the Internet’s various algorithms simply delivered me to its […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

The month of October is a most marvelous time to see spooky new art emerge on social media while artists all over the world are participating in eerie seasonal 31-days challenges such as #Inktober or the #Mabsdrawlloweenclub…and I eagerly await its arrival every year! There’s such a fantastically diverse variety of styles and mediums, from […]

The Feral Feminine: An Interview With Kristen J. Sollee

When we discovered that Haute Macabre favorite Kristen J. Sollée’s follow-up to Witches, Sluts, Feminists was a book about cats — more specifically, about the connections between cats and women, the feline and the feminine — we eagerly awaited its release. Cat Call: Reclaiming the Feral Feminine is out now from Weiser Books and during […]

Gothic Splendor

Gothic Splendor: Bergdorf Goodman by Douglas Little, commissioned for House and Garden Magazine h/t to Purevile for reminding me of Douglas’ beautiful displays

Library Thing: Grimoires & Guides

New additions and restocks now in the Haute Macabre shop. I would like to add a personal note to this offerings alert and say that it truly is an honor to carry these titles, alongside items already at home with us. These artists, writers, and witches that contribute their wisdom to the world and allow […]

Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell

The now turned cult classic (at least, priced as such) “Diableries” is releasing a second edition later this month – naturally, its street date falls on Halloween. Compiled by Brian May, Queen founding member turned astrophysicist, with Denis Pellering and Paula Richardson Fleming, both photo historians, the group has revitalised the nineteenth century French fascination […]

Obolus: Jamie Draven + Heather Gabel

BloodMilk Presents: Obolus. Original artwork by Jamie Draven and Heather Gabel at Sphinx and Snakeskin in Philadelphia, with an opening reception November 1 from 5-10pm.

Many Moons 2020 Lunar Planner Pre-Orders Now Open

Modern Women is thrilled to introduce the next installment in the Many Moons series, the Lunar Planner for 2020, available now to pre-order via Haute Macabre. I have personally been using the Many Moons workbooks and planners since 2017. They are incredible guides, and maps through my journey. I refer to them throughout the month […]

Waking Moon

Originally, I had intended this grouping of stones to be entitled “Persephone’s Ascent”, in a response to the last collection release. Those stones were grouped for the New Moon, the darkness, the mark of the beginning of longer nights and the steps down into the Underworld. That was just one half of a lunar cycle […]

“The Folklore of Halloween” Mini-Course from The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic (sponsored post)

“The Folklore of Halloween” Mini-Course from The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic is an online center for classes on fairy tales, folklore, and fantastic literature created in 2016. Its founders, Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman, both earned PhDs in English and Folklore from […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“Buckeye” by @darktownsally // Naisa Gomez “The May Queen” by @billsafi // Bill Crisafi @debishapirophotography // Debi Shapiro @stephanieinagaki // Stephanie Inagaki @dromsjel // Pierre Schmidt aka drømsjel @memorialstitches // Carrie Violet @maryannheld // Maryann Held

October Full Moon Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

October Full Moon Tarotscopes This October Full Moon comes to us on a Sunday in the sign of Aries. Themes of self, beginnings, identity, and fiery desire may come up for you around this time: what you want and why you want it—what you want and how you are going to get it. This October […]

An Ineffable Collection: Good Omens At Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab released the expansion to its 2007 Good Omens collection this past May, maybe a week or so before the television series was released on Amazon Prime and BBC Two– and it has taken me quite a while to compile my thoughts on this bustling commotion of scents. I can’t quite put my […]

October Events Calendar

October 4 – November 15, Chicago “Hidden In Her Hair” with artist Sophia Rapata a solo exhibition at Curly Tale Fine Art. View the show on the gallery website, open through November 15. October 24, Los Angeles WIZARDS, a group art at @shopcalledquest (located DTLA) on Oct 24th (Thursday) Featuring:@bosssdog // @crystalhabitats // @skip.class // @michaelchsiung // @killthegiant […]

Witching Hour Baby (Sponsored Post)

Witching Hour Baby is an online boutique where you can find casual, affordable gear for black sheep and their little lambs. From unique clothing for the whole family to spooky housewares and toys, our expertly curated products are bound to satisfy the question: does this come in black? Find Witching Hour Baby : Shop // […]

Apothecary: Haute Macabre Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pre-Orders Close Monday

Haute Macabre’s collection by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is now available for pre-orders in the Apothecary through this weekend. Each of the scents in the collection are an expression of an experience or emotion that I wish to share with you. I describe these to Beth, the perfumer alchemist at Black Phoenix, and she transforms […]

“Whipping Waves”: Alice Auaa A/W 2019-2020

Alice Auaa is a dark couture house we have long loved here at Haute Macabre, having featured many of their fantastical, phantasmagorical runway shows and collections over the years. Avant-garde, romantic designs that deal in dualities such as beauty and decay, light and shadow, designer Yasutaka Funakoshi of Alice Auaa filters these concepts through a […]

Stacked: September 2019

  Sarah I’ve been in the thick of it lately with deadlines on various projects and intensely fretting about that horrid hurricane that whirled in over Labor Day weekend, and which really disrupted life for a bit– but in the end, we weren’t as badly affected in Florida as we had been in the past. […]

Post Mortem: September 2019

Sarah Elizabeth’s Weekly Eyeball Fodder The Fabulous Impracticality of Karolina Laskowska New Sponsor: Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones Manifesting Spirits: SÉANCE by Shannon Taggart September Full Moon Tarotscopes By Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Sarah Elizabeth’s Weekly Eyeball Fodder Shadow Guides: Black Galaxy Amethyst The Slutist Tarot, Cat Call, and Witches, Sluts, Feminists Apothecary: The Haute […]

Persephone’s Descent

Persephone’s Descent: Black Moonstone, Garnet, & Black Kyanite will be posted on the Haute Macabre IG feed & stories tomorrow { Monday, 09.30.19 } at 11AM CST. Pieces will include Black Moonstone & Garnet Spheres, various sized Black Moonstone Palm Stones, and Black Kyanite Fans. This collection of pieces is grouped together as an homage to […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“Lines of Enchantment” by @masks_of_the_moon // Brynna Levine “In the Dead of Night” by @mynameistran // Tran Nguyen “A Dance in the Lepidoptera Room, 1911” by @benzandchang // Dave Benz “Through the Never” by @gailpotocki // Gail Potocki “Swarms and Swallows” by @jakemessing // Jake Messing “Keeper Of The Lilies” by @studio.sheridansart // Laura Sheridan […]

Soak in Your Sins: Mummies of Mexico City Bath Oil

New in the Haute Macabre Shop: Mummies of Mexico City Bath Oil, made exclusively for Haute Macabre by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Recline in pleasurable, tranquil languor, or bathe with intent to stimulate your senses or replenish your joy while utilizing this therapeutic oil, inspired by the underground crypt at the Museo de El Carmen […]

Ask Arcanalogue: Advice from the Arcana

Dear Arcanalogue, Congrats on beginning this column offering guidance and advice to Haute Macabre readers! I was wondering a few things, though: Who the hell do you think you are? Why should anyone come to you with their questions? And do you actually expect this endeavor to be successful?  Oh, and lastly: what advice do […]


DARKLY DREAMING: BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB. Part enthusiast’s memoir and part course guide. BPAL Intermediate and Advanced Studies Read Part I  Apart from the general catalog of scents on The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website, you will also find Limited Edition scents. I have read someone comment that they doubted “the BPAL fandom would be […]