Fast Luck: Ritual Cravt Herbal Bath & Floor Wash

Fast Luck: Ritual Cravt Herbal Bath & Floor Wash

Ritual Cravt


Handcrafted in Ritual Cravt's small Denver witchshop. Made for witches by witches.

A sacred blend to use before taking any risks or to put extra luck on your side.

Ingredients: Irish moss, alfalfa leaf, juniper berry, five finger grass, patchouli, allspice berries & essential oils of pine and vetiver.

Each of these pouches holds enough herbs for 1-2 baths.

1oz in weight of herbs.

Instructions on how to use the bath are on the backside of each pouch.

Each pouch is made up of 100% compostable materials. The inner lining is derived from plant-based PLA material to keep herbal blends fresh.


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