Red Tiger's Eye Sphere (small)
  • Red Tiger's Eye Sphere (small)
  • Red Tiger's Eye Sphere (small)

Red Tiger's Eye Sphere (small)

Haute Macabre


Here you will be purchasing one intuitively and energetically selected Red Tiger's Eye Sphere, selected just for you. Please note that each piece is unique and individual and will vary from what is pictured here.


Passion / Stimulation / Sex

Red Tiger’s Eye is a powerfully stimulating stone. Igniting sexual passion, it stimulates circulation, libido, and the lower chakras, and keeps the fires of sexuality stoked. You may use Red Tiger’s Eye to awaken a sleeping sex drive, enhance your sexuality, or to assist in resolving issues in your relationship involving sex.

Power Couples: Pair with carnelian* for confidence, rubellite and ruby for sexual + emotional connection, or bloodstone to keep your blood pumping to all the right places.

  *Please note that I don’t recommend storing carnelian in your bedroom or where you rest.

I recommend Red Tiger’s Eye for those looking to create some adult content.

Each sphere measures approx. 30mm 


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