Black Friday Advertising Sale

To celebrate that time of year spent frantically shopping for loved ones, we’re offering a special holiday advertising rate to our always awesome small business friends. Run a Rectangle Ad from Black Friday until New Year’s Eve, including a front page introduction post for $100. Why? Because we’d rather see our readers shopping with you […]

Great Shot. Terrible Name.

Really, Givenchy? Because we all want to smell like the brutally murdered? Even for a site that calls itself Haute Macabre, that’s just creepy. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Ricci Ricci

It’s all about the floaty skirt… Knock it off: clip in kitty ears are usually about $5 on Etsy.

Advertising Genius

This is actually from a couple of years ago, but I just came across it for the first time and had to share. The ad is for ACT Mouthwash. The ad agency is out of Peru, although I’m not sure where all the ad ran.

New Advertising Program

Greetings, our dear Macabrians! Haute Macabre is very pleased to present to you our new advertising program, specifically designed for small and independent business owners, with packages starting as low $30. Questions? Who can advertise on Haute Macabre? Well, anyone : Etsy sellers, jewelry designers, clothing designers,Ā artists, photographers, cosmetic lines, retail shops, whatever it is […]