As Above, So Below

Sam says we should do more outfit posts. She did not specify that they actually needed to be OUR outfits, however, so this one is one stolen from the always adorable Alex is a Teacup. Dress: Black Milk “Ribs Black Dress“ Sweater: Widow Necklace: BloodMilk “As Above So Below“ [ad name=”post ad image”]

Nerd Chic

It  had been a while since I popped over to Black Milk to see what was new, but I’ve been thinking about them since it seems like every cheap outlet in the world is ripping off their Galaxy print these days. Life at Black Milk goes on, however, and they have tons of new prints […]

Too Much Adorable

I found these brilliant photos over on Too Many Tights. Shot, of course, for Black Milk, and featuring the absolutely adorable Extraskinny. The dress is from Twenty8Twelve.

Black Milk in Print

Well done, Black Milk. The Anatomist Negative The Anatomist Blood Bath Resurrection

Tight Anatomy

These leggings are now at the top of my I Cannot Believe I Don’t Own This list.  Sadly, I don’t see them listed in Black Milk’s shop, so fingers crossed that the designer sees this post and adds them.

Thirsty for More

It’s no secret that Nixon and I love leggings, and therefore, it is no secret that we love Black Milk.  We mentioned the line a few months back, and while digging around on the Too Many Tights blog this morning, I came across this sneak preview of a few new designs to be released shortly. […]

Got Milk? Black Milk?

Queen Michelle at Kingdom of Style turned us on to a new line of legwear by James Lillis (of Too Many Tights fame). This is a man who knows tights. I mean, possibly in a Biblical sense. I’ve never seen an obsession with tights to rival it.  So, it seems like there is no better […]