Bloodmilk Exquisite Corpse Chapter III: Scented Previews

Later today, December 1, 2017,  surrealist collaboration Bloodmilk Exquisite Corpse will release Chapter III,  its newest collection, and a launch which is rumored to be its biggest yet. Again partnering with independent artists within the handmade community to offer objects of ritual and desire, glimpses of these mysterious items have been teasingly unveiled on the bloodmilk instagram account over the […]

Bloodmilk Exquisite Corpse X Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Chapter Two

A resplendent initiative over two years in the making, BloodMilk’s Exquisite Corpse is an enchanted emporium whose ideals, philosophies, and perhaps even their raison d’être is firmly rooted in the idea of artistic collaboration with an emphasis on independent artists within the handmade community. Inspired by the name of a surrealist parlor game in which […]

BloodMilk Semi-Annual Sale Part II

To celebrate the launch of her new web shop, BloodMilk is hosting her semi-annual sale, just in time for the holidays! All items listed in her Etsy shop will be 15% off, and 20% off in her new personal site. The sale excludes her crystal and gemstone pieces, as well as the jewel box collaborative pieces. […]

Drawing Down the Moon

Heavily seeped in mythology and mysticism, jewelry maven BloodMilk has released her latest collection, Drawing Down the Moon. Each piece includes a stunning rose cut moonstone, a stone with extensive mystical properties. Strengthening intuition and  psychic perception, moonstone brings balance and harmony to its wearer. Paired with both new and classic designs from BloodMilk’s creations, […]

Persephone Planchette

New from BloodMilk :: The Persephone Planchette Jewelry Box In collaboration with artist Paul Romano, BloodMilk has released a series of jewelry boxes in the shape of her personal symbol, the spirit board planchette. The larger of the two boxes is decorated with a Persephone heart design by Paul Romano :: A thorned heart extends […]

As Above, So Below

Sam says we should do more outfit posts. She did not specify that they actually needed to be OUR outfits, however, so this one is one stolen from the always adorable Alex is a Teacup. Dress: Black Milk “Ribs Black Dress“ Sweater: Widow Necklace: BloodMilk “As Above So Below“ [ad name=”post ad image”]

An Interview with Chelsea Wolfe

Our dear friend, JL Schnabel of BloodMilk Jewels, had the opportunity to talk with ethereal musician Chelsea Wolfe, about to embark on a European tour. I first encountered Chelsea Wolfe’s haunting, ritualistic music at the tail end of 2011, and like many of her fans, I was immediately spellbound by her audible cabinet of curiosities. While […]

Part I :: The Bloodmilk Bi-Annual Sale

The Fine Print :: † Does not include pieces with crystals, magnifying glass, or lookbook screenprints † The sale will begin and end in Eastern Standard Time † Enter the code DARKSUMMER5 for an additional 5% off at checkout, not in a private message [ad name=”post ad image”]


bloodmilk & ovate photographed by Ellen Rogers more from this series :: mare frigoris [ad name=”post ad image”]

She is Risen

Haute Macabre is honored to debute these images of JL Schnabel, the woman behind BloodMilk, by Purebred. From Stacey of Purebred : The portraits we shot with JL Schnabel of BloodMilk are part of our on-going artist portrait series where we try to reveal a personal truth about each person. We were really excited to […]

Mare Frigoris

New from Ovate, featuring jewels by BloodMilk. Collections like this remind me why we started Haute Macabre in the first place. Photography by Ellen Rogers [ad name=”post ad image”]

Blood Moon

New images from Audrey of Ovate, featuring some peeks at Bloodmilk’s upcoming Sea Witch line, which we are all waiting [im]patiently for. [ad name=”post ad image”]

The Legend of the White Snake

Via Bloodmilk.  Someone remind me to ask her to start guest blogging here soon, ok? [ad name=”post ad image”]

The Conjurer

Now that you’ve spend the last month falling in love with Bloodmilk’s amazing lookbook, The Conjurer,  limited edition screen prints are available. Printed and designed by artist Paul Romano on black, white, or grey French paper, with a subtle mica powder shimmer, the 19 x 25 inch print features a convergence of themes and images […]