Flaunt It

Flaunt It, shot by Josh Olins for i-D Spring 2011 Thanks to designers like Zana Bayne for keeping it fresh, the leather harness trend seems to be sticking with us.   NSFW after the jump.

wedding harnesss leather sexy bride

She Wore White

Beautiful leatherwork from Zana Bayne, shot by Mark Squires [ad# post ad image]

It’s the Principle of Pleasure…

Fantastic new stuff from Pleasure Principle, which gives me grand ideas for new outfits with the awesome leather harness I got from Youth Diaspora recently.

Blissed Out

It’s been a while since I stopped by the Bliss Lau website. Good heavens, the things these people do with a bit of chain and leather…

Harness Your Creativity

Fleet Ilya Harness †  Lola Harness from All Saints Elastic Harness from I Heart Norwegian Wood † Skin Graft Harness Custom Harness from Garbage Dress Let’s talk about harnesses. They rock. Not only do they make anything you wear them with more form-fitting and show off your boobs in a season of relatively conservative necklines, […]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane

It’s a necklace, it’s a bracelet, it’s a vest, it’s a belt?!  I don’t care how you wear it, I want it.  I want all of them.  The Bliss Lau Twisted Skirt is all of the above, and I am very comfortable subscribing to its versatility. Diamond in the Rough †  Ornament †  Diamond Top […]