Cottonmouth Kisses Giveaway

Our blogger / fashionista / author / actor / diva / extraordinaire friend, Clint Catalyst, is celebrating the release of Cottonmouth Kisses in its new e-book format with a Tumblr contest . To enter to win an old fashioned paper copy of the book, just reblog his seizure inducing GIF (not pictured above, in fear of […]

Tonight : Los Angeles Alchemy

Tonight, Wednesday January 26 in West Hollywood, CA our dear little heathens Clint Catalyst and Zoetica Ebb will be hosting and participating in ALCHEMY. Palihouse † 8465 Holloway Drive † West Hollywood, CA 10 PM – 2 AM Be sure to RSVP as soon as you read this to Rich Royal [at] Palihouse [dot] com […]

Better than Coffee

Every now and again, I get an email from Mr. Catalyst pre-dawn on a school night, with an all caps subject line, and the content full of hearts, exclamation points, and links.  Today, I woke up to this, it was better than coffee.

Salt Lake City Event: Dark Arts Festival

For anyone in the SLC area this weekend, our very own Zoetica Ebb and Clint Catalyst will be performing on Friday night. They’re keeping pretty tight wraps on exactly WHAT they’re performing, but knowing these two I suspect it will be well worth showing up for.

You Win!

One of our favorite partners in crime, Clint Catalyst, has collaborated with Jared Gold on a Full of LOLZ prize pin line.  Currently available are “Hater”, “FTW”, and “Epic” prizes, with hopefully more to come soon.  I’ve got my (freshly tattooed) fingers crossed for more snark and sarcasm, which I’d be proud to pin to […]

Vampiricus Synonymous

Sun-Sensitive Brocade Cloak by Jared Gold Couture  †  Vivienne Westwood Tie Shirt Dark G-Star Denim  †  Romanian Militia Motorcycle Boots Seeing as how I have spent my entire weekend glued to my computer working while listening to the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books on audio, I feel it totally appropriate to post this vampire […]

Clint Catalyst Television

Ultimate scenester Clint Catalyst, known mostly for being one of those kids who is famous on the internets (totally, I note, unlike the peeps who bring you this blog), having impeccable taste which he often chooses to ignore, and for hanging out with that Audrey Kitching girl too much, has taken to putting up videos […]